Internet Service Providers in San Francisco

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Finding the right internet service providers in San Francisco can sound intimidating. You’ll want to balance price with speed and connectivity.

The following guide will help you on your journey to find an ISP in California that fits your needs perfectly.

Internet Providers Near Me in San Francisco

In this dense city, it’s easy to find internet service providers that are near you. Finding the best ones, though, is going to take a little bit more digging. The following providers are some of the most widely available in the city.

  • AT&T and Xfinity both have local availabilities, covering 99% of the city.
  • Etheric, HughesNet and Viasat state that they cover 100% of San Francisco with internet access.
  • Raw Bandwidth Communications has a coverage rate of 74%. 

San Francisco has plenty of other internet service providers, like Sonic, Common Networks and Voxility, but you’ll want to see if they cover your exact location first. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in San Francisco 

Prices will vary depending on your needs and the package you select. With so many providers, though, it can be hard to narrow in on the cheapest options. Here are the cheapest internet service providers in San Francisco:

High-Speed Internet Options in San Francisco 

The caveat with cheaper internet packages is that they may not have the speeds you need. Instead, check out these high-speed internet options:

Of course, with these faster speeds come higher prices. What exactly should you be looking for with internet speeds? 

What Is a Good Internet Speed?

The internet speed you choose will depend on your needs. Typically, 25 Mbps will work efficiently for one or two devices. You’ll be able to surf the web, send emails, go on social media and do some streaming.

However, if you have multiple devices and have an online gaming setup or stream in 4K, then 50-100 Mbps will be better. If you need even more connectivity for five devices or more that must send large files or stream live video, then 150-200 Mbps will cover those needs.

Typically, 1 Gbps will be for businesses. 

How Much Does Internet Cost in My Area?

When you decide how fast your internet speed must be to suit your needs, you can get a better idea of how much it will cost you.

For instance, if you need 200 Mbps, then Xfinity’s $49.99 a month plan indicates the price range for that service. You can expect some fluctuation with big corporations and smaller businesses, but these prices will average out.

If you only have a couple of devices and just need the bare minimum speeds, then you can likely expect to be paying anywhere from $20-$35 per month. 

San Francisco has a reputation for being an expensive place to live, but with some digging, you can find the right plan to match your needs.

What Is the Best Internet Provider in San Francisco? 

The best internet provider in San Francisco will ultimately be up to you to decide. Xfinity and AT&T have well-rounded deals, but Viasat or Sonic may have a better plan that caters more to your needs.

Establish how many devices the house or business will be using and what they need the internet for, and then choose the best plan from there.

Internet Service Providers in California by City