Internet Service Providers in Mississippi


These days, it’s necessary to have a stable internet connection. Wi-Fi offers you more work opportunities than you could’ve imagined and provides vital weather alerts when tornado season comes around. Finding good internet service providers in Mississippi can secure income and safety for any household.

Internet Providers Near Me in Mississippi

There are plenty of options for internet service providers in Mississippi. However, only some are available in certain counties, so you must check if the Wi-Fi you want will be available. However, everyone in Mississippi has access to broadband internet. Of the 35 options you have, here are the ones with the broadest availability:

  • ispMint: 100% availability
  • T-Mobile Home Internet: 91% availability
  • HughesNet: 88% availability
  • Xfinity: 38% availability
  • AT&T: 26% availability
  • Easy Internet Now: 26% availability
  • Sparklight: 22% availability
  • EarthLink: 20% availability
  • C Spire: 13% availability
  • InLine: 10% availability
  • Franklin Telephone Co.: 8% availability
  • Telephone Electronics Corp.: 7% availability
  • Tri State Internet: 7% availability
  • Unlimitedville: 5% availability
  • Teletec Communications: 5% availability

ispMint, T-Mobile and HughesNest have the highest availability rates throughout the state. However, others — like Teletec Communications — serve specific areas of Mississippi, with West Point, Macon and Hamilton being their most-served locations. It’s worth researching any local internet service providers in Mississippi to see if they offer better deals.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Mississippi

Xfinity will be your best option if you live in an area it serves. It has a very basic plan starting at $9.95 a month, with faster services ranging from $20-$80. Beyond that, local providers — such as Xtream, Optimum, Franklin Telephone Co., Tri State Internet and others that serve smaller communities — are options worth researching.

Regarding wider coverage, T-Mobile Home Internet checks in at $55 a month and HughesNet starts at $64.99 monthly. However, those options may still be too much for many households. Thankfully, the Affordable Connectivity Program can drop the prices of some internet providers to $10 or less, with some even offered for free.

High-Speed Internet Options in Mississippi

Mississippi residents have many options for high-speed internet. About 59% of the state can get fiber internet, 75% can get digital subscriber line (DSL) and 84% can get cable internet. Here are some of the most widely available options:

  • ispMint: DSL
  • Xfinity: Cable
  • AT&T: DSL and fiber
  • Easy Internet Now: DSL and fiber
  • Sparklight: Cable
  • EarthLink: DSL and fiber
  • InLine: Fiber
  • Franklin Telephone Co.: Fiber
  • Telephone Electronics Corp.: DSL and fiber

Does Mississippi Have Good Internet?

Mississippi doesn’t have great internet. While a report from says 100% of the state can get broadband Wi-Fi, federal research from 2021 said just 66% of Mississippians had broadband access in half the state. Additionally, 26% of Mississippi doesn’t have adequate broadband infrastructure, and just over half of residents live in an area with only one provider.

Your internet connection could become spotty without proper infrastructure and low provider options. Mississippi has one of the slowest internet speeds in the United States at 84.5 megabits per second (Mbps).

How Much Is the Average Internet Bill in Mississippi?

Because the most common internet service providers in Mississippi are more expensive, the average internet bill is rather high. Jackson residents will often pay $78.50 a month for their internet, while those in Southaven have it a bit better, usually spending $46 a month. However, bundling your cellphone and Wi-Fi and utilizing the Affordable Connectivity Program can make those costs much more accessible.

How Much Is Internet Per Month in Mississippi?

You may need to rely on a more expensive plan because it’s what’s available, which can increase your average monthly cost. For example, ispMint — Mississippi’s most common internet service provider — costs $119 per month. You’ll probably pay $10-$20 monthly if you can get Xfinity. It all depends on your area’s providers and their plans.

Finding the Best Internet Service Providers in Mississippi

You have plenty of options for internet service providers and price plans in Mississippi. While larger companies may have broader access, some local businesses may have a better offering for your needs. Use your address to compare which companies serve your area and which have the best deals.

Internet Service Providers in Mississippi by City

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