What is ReHack?

Pronunciation: rē-hak

(n.) This website, dedicated to technology and the many varied tech niches that make up the modern tech scene.

‘I just read an article on ReHack about those new drone regulations’

(v.) To rethink or rehash prior assumptions or conceptions about a specific technology or technological application to one’s own life or society at large.

‘She used her new knowledge of Excel to rehack her prior workflow’

Our Audience

ReHack is for seasoned tech enthusiasts as well as newcomers to tech whose interests have been piqued by technology and how it impacts our day-to-day lives. Our readers don’t just want the latest tech news;— they want deep-dives into the most important tech niches and trends today.

ReHack is your place for all things technology, from everyday tech, like smartphones and laptops, to the most niche applications of machine learning and data analytics, ReHack has it covered.

Not only does ReHack allow you to stay up to date on what’s trending in the tech space, but it’s where you can truly learn about the way technology impacts everyday life, business, and the world at large.

We encourage readers to ask questions, expand their minds, and imagine what technology can become today and in the future. Science and technology often go hand in hand, and ReHack seeks to channel the way scientists seek solutions and answers through evidence and well-supported research. 

We are a community of engaged and curious people at all stages of their technology journey. From software engineers and data scientists to the hobbyist with a new passion for drones, all are welcome to ReHack their understanding of technology and the world around it. 

Contacting The ReHack Team

If you have a suggestion, correction or just want to drop us a line, please reach out to our editor through our Contact Page.