Internet Service Providers in Alaska


Alaska doesn’t have many internet service providers, but you still have great options for cheap or high-speed connections. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Internet Providers Near Me in Alaska

Alaska has a lot of untamed wilderness, so few large internet service providers (ISPs) provide services. Many smaller ones exist, but only some offer 25 Mbps or more at a reasonable price. That speed is required for high-definition streaming and other basic functions. These are your best options:

  • Viasat
  • HughesNet
  • CGI Communications
  • Alaska Communications
  • SPITwSpots
  • Borealis Broadband
  • MTA

The ISPs listed here offer 25 Mbps or faster download speeds. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Alaska

One of the cheapest ISPs in Alaska is Borealis Broadband. It offers a bronze plan starting at $40 per month with 3 Mbps download and upload speeds and 1 terabyte of usage. Even though it’s technically the cheapest, you can get better rates at a similar price elsewhere. 

If it’s more about getting your money’s worth than paying the least amount, HughesNet offers download speeds of 25 Mbps and a data cap of 30 GB for $49.99 per month. However, it increases to $74.99 after six months and requires a two-year contract. You may prefer its other plan, which starts at $64.99 per month, has no increase and offers the same download speeds with a 15 GB data cap.

The ISP SPITwSPOTS may provide free internet access for you if you’re participating in certain programs or earn below 200% of the federal poverty level. As a part of the Keep Alaska Connected program, it provides free installation, basic Wi-Fi and speeds up to 10 Mbps. 

It also offers the alternative of an $89 monthly credit if you want higher speeds. The standard plan of 50 Mbps for $129 per month is reduced to $40 per month, a price matching the cheapest ISPs in Alaska. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Alaska

The internet service providers in Alaska with the highest speeds are GCI Communication and Alaska Communications. The starting plan for CGI is the “fast” plan, with up to 250 Mbps download speeds, 10 Mbps upload speeds and 250 GB of high-speed data included. 

The “Red Unlimited” is the fastest of its four residential plans. It boasts 2.5 Gbps download speeds, 75 Mbps upload speeds and unlimited high-speed data for $184.99 per month. 

Alaska Communications has a fiber plan with 2.5 Gbps download speeds and unlimited data for $99.99 per month. Its “Unlimited 1Gig” plan offers 1 Gbps download speed, 100 Mbps upload speed and unlimited data for $69.99 per month. 

What Is Coverage Like in Alaska?

Over 77% of Alaskans have access to internet speeds of 100 Mbps or more. Juneau, Ketchikan Gateway and Anchorage have the most coverage. Many lack internet access due to terrain or a low population. 

What Is the Best Internet for Rural Alaska?

Borealis Broadband may be one of the best options for rural internet users because it has 35% availability in Alaska. It covers the most out of any other ISP. Many smaller ones offer services to those parts of the state, but their speeds are much lower. 

What Parts of Alaska Have the Best Internet?

Since CGI Communications has 80% of Alaska covered with 2 GB speeds as of 2022, most places have equal access to some of the best internet. 

That being said, Palmer has an average download speed of 167 Mbps, which tops the rest of the state. Knik-Fairview and Eagle River follow close behind with speeds of 150 Mbps and 147 Mbps, respectively. 

However, you might see a change soon, considering internet service providers in Alaska plan to increase their service range in 2023. Certain parts of Anchorage, Soldotna and Fairbanks already have access to the 2.5 Gbps plan Alaska Communications provides, but 14,000 more homes will get coverage as it expands. 

Choose an ISP That Works for You

Alaska has few internet service providers, but there’s still a good mix of cheap and fast options. Look over the pricing and speed of each plan to find one that works for you.

Internet Service Providers in Alaska by City