Internet Service Providers in Washington, D.C.


Many internet service providers in Washington, D.C., offer excellent plans and better deals, so how do you choose? You can compare speeds, latency and price to find the best fit for your budget and needs.

Internet Service Providers Near Me in Washington, D.C.

You have plenty of options for internet service providers (ISPs) where you live because almost everywhere has complete coverage. Around 99.4% of people in Washington, D.C., have internet access that reaches speeds of 1 Gbps. Since you have options, it’s wise to compare competitors to get the best deals or the fastest service. 

Cheapest Internet Service Providers in Washington, D.C.

Many people look for internet plans with high speeds or low latency, but residents of Washington, D.C., don’t have to choose. Since most neighborhoods have extensive coverage and a choice between multiple ISPs, you can pick the cheapest options without sacrificing speed.

One of the cheapest internet service providers in Washington, D.C., is Xfinity, with a monthly price of $25 for download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. It’s only possible if you enroll in autopay because it costs $35 a month otherwise. The payments are price locked for two years, so it might go up eventually. 

Astound Broadband is incredibly affordable, starting at only $20 monthly for a two-year plan. You get up to 300 Mbps, so it’s cheaper and potentially faster than Xfinity. Also, you can upgrade to $35 a month — the same price as Xfinity without autopay enabled — for up to 600 Mbps. 

High-Speed Internet Service Options in Washington, D.C.

Xfinity offers speeds of 1,200 Mbps at $80 a month for the first two years. It’s one of the faster plans, but Verizon offers nearly 2,050 Mbps for certain areas. However, the speed isn’t guaranteed. High-speed plans are usually only worth it if you can have a reliable connection. Still, averaging around 1 Gbps is much faster than many other ISPs.

What Is the Best Broadband Internet in Washington, D.C.?

You must compare speeds, latency and reliability to determine which ISP has the best broadband. Declaring the top one is tricky because it depends on what you’re looking for. For example, the lowest latency is crucial if you game online, while a high download speed is important if you download many movies and audiobooks.

Verizon Fios has high symmetrical speeds and the lowest latency. Arguably, FiOS offers the best service over other types like DSL or cable. Its download speed can reach 940 Mbps and its upload speed reaches up to 880 Mbps, which many other ISPs can’t top. Verizon Fios is potentially the best broadband ISP.

What Company Has the Best 5G Internet in Washington, D.C.?

5G internet is up to 20 times faster than 4G, so it’s no surprise many people want access to it. Despite that, it’s not as available in most places. The best 5G internet service providers in Washington, D.C., must be reliable.

Although Verizon has incredibly fast 5G, it’s only available in residential northeast and southeast D.C. as of 2021. T-Mobile and AT&T have much more coverage, but their speeds aren’t as high. Still, you can get 5G for only $30 a month with T-Mobile, which might be worth it if you don’t have access to Verizon Fios. However, you must sign up for unlimited plans to get the deal.

How Can I Get Free Internet in the District of Columbia?

You can get free internet in Washington, D.C., if you qualify. In addition, plenty of public spaces provide Wi-Fi access. Many libraries, schools, parks and community centers have free internet access.

There are also programs based on your income or current assistance plans you’re enrolled in that may let you get internet at no cost. The Biden administration created the Affordable Connectivity Program, offering $30 off your monthly plan. If you qualify, you can get high-speed internet free from one of 20 ISPs. 

Find the Best ISP for You

The best internet service providers in Washington, D.C., depend on your location and preferences. You likely have the choice between multiple ISPs since there’s extensive coverage, so take your time finding the best fit for your needs.