Internet Service Providers in Wyoming


Looking for internet service providers in Wyoming?

Among Wyoming’s beautiful national parks and cowboy mindset are almost 600,000 people who want high-quality internet. The state is massive — one of the biggest on the map — and largely rural. How well do ISPs extend services across the region so everyone can enjoy YouTube videos or work from home, no matter where they live?

Does Wyoming Have Good Internet?

Wyoming is ranked 32 out of the 50 states for internet access but 12 out of 50 for infrastructure. That means the state has high-performing structures in place to provide a good quality of life for citizens and the potential to carry internet to everyone that needs it. Every citizen can get satellite internet, and most can receive cable, fiber and DSL too.

However, residents don’t always receive the highest speeds unless they live in the more populated areas, like Cheyenne or the Riverton area. Recent legislation could close the connection gap for tens of thousands of Wyoming residents as governments fund even more infrastructure.

How Much Is Internet Per Month in Wyoming?

Internet price is directly related to speeds and connection type, which varies across the state. It also depends if citizens obtain assistance via Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Specific incomes can get up to $30 off monthly bills or $75 for qualifying Tribal lands. 

Cheaper plans with lower speeds can get as low as $35 a month with some fine print, such as needing to participate in auto-pay. More expensive options could exceed $80-$100 for more intense internet needs.

Is Comcast in Wyoming?

Comcast owns the connectivity provider Xfinity. They offer internet, phone and cable packages for some of the most notable availability in the state. They have a variety of packages varying in speed.

Internet Providers Near Me in Wyoming

There are numerous providers across the state, ranging from immense national chains to local providers. Spectrum and T-Mobile have coverage from Cheyenne, Cody and Gillette while covering the state’s central portion in Casper and Riverton. They are the most common providers with the most options.

CenturyLink is another fear-reaching provider, covering all the major cities and around the national forests, like the Bridger-Teton National Forest and near the Thunder Basin National Grassland.

Other providers include:

  • Union Wireless, near the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest
  • All West Communications near the Wasatch-Cache National Forest
  • Silver Star Communications on the western border in the Grand Teton area
  • Vyve Broadcast east of Casper
  • Nemont in Cody
  • Visionary Broadband in Cody, Gillette and Casper
  • Bluepeak in Cheyenne, Sheridan and Casper

High-Speed Internet Options in Wyoming

Wyoming is not known for plentiful high-speed internet options, but they exist in the more urban regions. They range from fiber to DSL, depending on your preference. Varying in price, these options include:

  • AllWest: 1 Gbps for $89.95/month with cable connectivity.
  • Spectrum: 1 Gbps for $89.99/month with cable connectivity.
  • EarthLink: 1 Gbps for $69.95/month with fiber connectivity.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Wyoming

Though everyone can get some form of internet, it’s not always the most affordable or speedy option. The ACP, as mentioned above, could make more choices cost-effective for households, but these are the least expensive options out the gate for money-conscious homes:

  • CenturyLink: 100 Mbps for $50/month.
  • Verizon: 940 Mbps for $49/month.
  • Rise Broadband: 250 Mbps for $35/month.
  • Xfinity: 200 Mbps for $35/month.

Internet Service Providers in Wyoming

Big Wyoming is connected, but it will only get better from here. More government investments will ensure everyone eventually has cost-competitive access to high-speed internet. Whether your lifestyle is permanently working from home or streaming on Twitch, everyone should have the chance to experience the internet of the modern age.

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