Internet Service Providers in Sacramento

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Just how vital are internet service providers in Sacramento? We live in a world where everyday interactions depend heavily on having a reliable internet connection. People often find it difficult to work, communicate with friends and family or stay entertained without one. 

Whether you have just moved to Sacramento, will relocate there soon or are a long-time resident ready to try a different option for getting internet access in California, the information below will help. 

Internet Service Providers Near Me in Sacramento

The largest internet service providers in Sacramento are Xfinity, Frontier and AT&T. You may want to go with one of those if you’re eager to choose a familiar brand. One advantage of selecting a well-known company is that they typically have better nationwide coverage than smaller enterprises. That benefit could prove helpful if you plan to travel outside the Sacramento area frequently. 

AT&T promises its users more than 99% reliability, even at peak times. Its pricing starts at $45 per month, not including taxes and fees. In contrast, Xfinity offers $19.99/month for a 25 Mbps plan. It also boasts the largest gig-speed network of all providers.

As for Frontier, it advertises maximum speeds of 6 Mbps for an option starting at $27.99/month. The brand’s Sacramento-specific page also mentions a voice and internet package for $37.99 monthly.

Outside of those brands, there’s EarthLink. Sacramento residents who choose that company can get a 12 Mbps service for $49.95 each month. Also, consider satellite internet providers. ViaSat plans start at $50/month, and HughesNet plans begin at $59.99 monthly. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Sacramento

Many people understandably want to find the least-expensive internet service providers in Sacramento. Households have plenty of things to budget for each month, and connecting to the internet should not be a cost-prohibitive activity. Xfinity is among the lowest-priced options for people who live in Sacramento. As mentioned earlier, its bottom-tier plan is $19.99/month. 

Keep in mind that the rates mentioned here often require you to sign up for an annual contract. Also, ViaSat plans have increased rates after three months of service. Take care to read the fine print to determine exactly how long your quoted rate stays in effect. Something that makes AT&T stand out is that it does not require signing an agreement for a year. 

Another thing to be aware of is that you can often save money by bundling numerous subscriptions from the same provider. For example, although AT&T is not the cheapest internet service provider in Sacramento overall, buying more than one service from the brand could help you save money. One currently available offer is a 12-month plan that costs $94.99 for both internet access and television content. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Sacramento

EarthLink advertises speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for Sacramento residents. That option is part of the company’s HyperLink plan. The fast speed comes at a steep price, though. Plans start at $99.95/month. 

AT&T’s fiber plans are its fastest choices, and those are quite a bit less expensive. You can get speeds of up to 100 Mbps for $35/month or pay $10 more to get twice that speed. Then, to splurge on the 1,000 Mbps plan, it’s $60/month. Xfinity also offers a 1,000 Mbps plan, which you can get for $84.99/month. 

It’s worth checking out Frontier’s high-speed plans, too, especially if you don’t require rates as high as some already discussed. The brand’s fiber-optic plans start at $29.99/month for 50 Mbps download and upload speeds. Alternatively, you can pay another $10 to boost those speeds to 500 Mbps. Then, the speediest FiOS plan promises 940 Mbps for downloads and 880 Mbps for uploads. Its monthly rate is $74.99.

Take Your Time While Researching Internet Service Providers in Sacramento

Choosing a company for your internet access is not something to do in a rush. This information will get you off to a good start, but you should take a deeper dive into the options before deciding.

Finally, keep in mind that prices were accurate at the time of this writing, but they could change at a company’s discretion. 

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