Internet Service Providers in Stockton

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Internet service providers in Stockton provide a decent range of options for homeowners to choose from — but not every plan will be right for everyone. 

Prices, download speeds and connection strength can vary significantly depending on the plan and provider you choose. Some packages also require months or years of upfront commitment — meaning that the wrong decision could cause problems for a long time.

Below, we’ll cover the different ISPs that offer internet service in Stockton, as well as the different benefits and drawbacks of each.

Internet Service Providers Near Me in Stockton

Several major ISPs offer services in Stockton — Xfinity, AT&T, Frontier and Earthlink all provide residential internet in the area.

Both major satellite internet providers, Viasat and Hughesnet, also serve the city.

Several ISPs offering fixed wireless plans also serve Stockton. These include unWired Broadband, Encore Communications, Internet Free Planet, CalDSL, Fire2Wire and DigitalPath.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Stockton

Major internet service providers typically offer the best rates. Xfinity prices their starter plan at $20 a month, while AT&T’s cheapest plan will cost you $35 a month. 

Prices from other providers will vary, but affordable plans in your area will typically cost around $50 to $60 at most, regardless of the ISP you choose. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Stockton

If available at your address, Xfinity’s 2-gigabit internet plan will be your fastest choice. This plan will provide you with download speeds of up to 2,000 megabits a second. That’s double the fastest fiber packages offered by AT&T and Earthlink, which provide up to 1,000 megabits a second.

What Internet Providers Are Available in My Area?

There are 12 total internet service providers in Stockton. Four of these are well-known companies — AT&T, Frontier, Xfinity and Earthlink. Two offer satellite internet. The rest provide fixed wireless internet services. 

Depending on your address, only some of these providers may be available. AT&T, Xfinity, Earthlink, Viasat and HughesNet provide coverage to most of Stockton and are likely to be accessible where you live.

Who Is the Cheapest Internet Service Provider?

If you’re searching for a deal, you may also want to ask potential providers what they offer for lower-income households. These are typically less expensive than standard plans, and may come with unique benefits.

Who Has the Best Rural Internet Service?

If cable, fiber or DSL aren’t a possibility due to your location, you still have options.

Satellite internet can provide you a somewhat reliable connection, even without cable, fiber or DSL. Both HughesNet and Viasat offer high-speed satellite internet plans to customers in Stockton.

You could also look for a fixed wireless provider. Most major providers — including AT&T and Xfinity — offer fixed wireless plans in addition to their cable and fiber plans. There are also several smaller fixed wireless providers in the Stockton area — like unWired Broadband, Encore Communications and Internet Free Planet.

Fire2Wire, a Salida-based internet provider, may also be available. The company advertises on its website that they provide wireless internet services in areas of the Central California Valley “where cable and DSL service isn’t available.”

How to Find the Right Internet Service Provider in Stockton

If you want to buy internet service in Stockton, you have a good set of choices, whether you need high speeds, a rural connection or low plan pricing. 

Major internet providers in California, like Xfinity and AT&T, will likely offer the best rates and fastest connections. Satellite providers can ensure you stay connected, even if cable or fiber isn’t practical. You can also opt for a local fixed wireless provider if you don’t want or can’t use fiber, cable, DSL or satellite internet.

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