Internet Service Providers in Montana


You have a lot of choices when it comes to a fast and reliable connection in Montana. You live in a large state, though, so you may need to shop around to find the best fit. Consider what you’re looking for to find the best internet service providers in Montana.

Internet Service Providers Near Me in Montana

Dozens of internet service providers (ISPs) exist in Montana. Some only cover a small percentage of the state. The 10 most available are:

  • Montana Internet
  • Verizon
  • Grizzly Broadband
  • Century Link
  • HughesNet
  • Blackfoot Communications
  • Spectrum 
  • Ziply Fiber
  • SkyNet Communications
  • Viasat

Although these options provide the most widespread or consistent coverage, their availability varies by location. You should check if they offer services to your home.

Cheapest Internet Service Providers in Montana

While considering speed is essential when finding the best deal, sometimes you simply want the cheapest option. Out of the 10 most available internet service providers in Montana, the most to least affordable plans are:

  1. Skynet Communications ($25/month)
  2. Ziply ($40/month)
  3. Verizon ($50/month)
  4. CenturyLink ($50/month)
  5. Spectrum ($50/month)
  6. Grizzly Broadband ($56/month)
  7. Viasat ($60/month)
  8. Blackfoot Communications ($60/month)
  9. HughesNet ($65/month)
  10. Montana Internet ($75/month)

Make sure you’re mindful of price variations — some of these plans may offer discounts or tack on installation fees. Many also have reduced rates if you bundle your phone and internet plans.

High-Speed Internet Service Providers in Montana

Speeds of 25 Mbps or more are available to 100% of people living in Montana, so you should be able to find a high-speed ISP easily. Although many offer incredibly fast connections, your location may limit their coverage.

Multiple ISPs have plans with more than 500 Mbps. For example, CenturyLink offers 1 Gbps download speeds for $50 monthly. Depending on where you live, you can get an even, fast connection.

Which Is the Best Internet Service Provider?

Although the “best” of anything is subjective, you should look for a consistent connection, reasonable rates and adequate speeds. Think about how often you use the internet and your expectations for a service provider.

You can look at some of the top ISPs in Montana to get an idea of what you want. The best have tons of positive reviews and cover the essentials. For instance, Spectrum provides high-speed plans for $50 to $90 with coverage over most of the state.

If you want a fast connection, check out CenturyLink, Blackfoot Communications or Ziply. They offer fiber plans with relatively equal upload and download speeds. Verizon, Skynet and Spectrum are good options if you want more bang for your buck.

What Is the Average Internet Speed in Montana?

Montana’s internet speed is 110.5 Mbps on average. Keep in mind that the actual rates differ depending on where you live. For instance, you’ll get a faster connection if you live in a metropolitan area versus a rural one. It becomes more accurate the more you narrow down the location.

What Is the Average Cost of Internet in Montana?

An internet connection typically costs over $63 per month in Montana. Prices range wildly depending on location, so you may pay more than the average. Sill, spending a bit extra is OK as long as you feel comfortable with your internet speed.

Also, you likely have multiple options. Most internet service providers in Montana have overlapping coverage areas, so you can always switch to another if you want a better deal.

Find the Perfect Provider in Montana

Make sure to check out your options thoroughly before choosing one. Most internet service providers in Montana have a special deal, discount or introductory rate you can take advantage of. After that, finding the perfect fit is just about lining up their offers with your expectations.

Internet Service Providers in Montana by City