Internet Service Providers in Missoula

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As home to the University of Montana and a nice middle ground between city living and the Rocky Mountains, there’s a lot to love about Missoula, Montana. Like any other place in today’s world, you’ll need a solid internet connection to get much done. To help, here’s a glimpse at all the internet service providers in Missoula.

Internet Providers Near Me in Missoula

As one of Montana’s larger cities, Missoula has plenty of options when it comes to internet service providers (ISPs):

  • Spectrum
  • CenturyLink
  • HughesNet
  • Viasat
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Blackfoot Communications
  • SpeedConnect
  • Grizzly Broadband
  • EarthLink
  • Starlink

Some ISPs have fairly limited coverage. As a result, some of these may be unavailable at your specific address, so always double-check before trying to buy anything.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Missoula

Finding the best internet service provider in Missoula is also a matter of getting an option that fits your budget. The cheapest internet deals in Missoula, from least to most expensive, are:

  1. SpeedConnect ($46.95/month)
  2. Spectrum ($49.99/month)
  3. Viasat ($49.99/month)
  4. HughesNet ($49.99/month)
  5. Verizon ($49.99/month)
  6. CenturyLink ($50/month)
  7. T-Mobile ($50/month)
  8. Blackfoot Communications ($60/month)
  9. Grizzly Broadband ($65/month)
  10. EarthLink ($69.95/month)
  11. Starlink ($120/month)

Many of these are below the average internet bill of $65 a month, but that’s because they’re initial prices. Most ISPs raise their rates after a certain amount of time. That said, sometimes you can get prices even lower than this. For example, T-Mobile and Verizon offer discounts for existing mobile customers.

High-Speed Internet Options in Missoula

You’ll also want a connection fast enough to meet your needs. All ISPs in Missoula meet the standing official definition of “high-speed” internet, which is 25 megabits per second (Mbps). However, some say the definition should be 100 Mbps, which narrows your options.

Spectrum, Starlink, T-Mobile, Verizon, Grizzly, HughesNet, CenturyLink, Blackfoot and EarthLink all have plans of 100Mbps or higher. Between these options, Spectrum, Verizon, Blackfoot and Grizzly are the fastest.

You can also increase your download speeds without paying for a more expensive plan in some cases. These quick fixes are worth checking out to save some money.

Does Montana Have Fiber Internet?

The fastest internet today usually comes from fiber connections. Several internet service providers in Missoula offer it, too. Fiber options in Montana include:

  • Verizon
  • CenturyLink
  • Grizzly 
  • Blackfoot

Spectrum technically offers fiber internet, too, but it’s a bit different. Its highest-tier plans use a hybrid system that relies on some fiber optic infrastructure but isn’t 100% fiber.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get Internet in My House?

Fiber is nice in terms of speed, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest way to get connected. A standard cable connection is usually more affordable. If you already have a phone plan with T-Mobile or Verizon, the cheapest option may be to use one of these provider’s 5G internet service, as they offer discounts for existing customers.

The absolute cheapest way to get internet in your house is to avoid using a provider at all. You can do that in a few different ways, but your connection won’t be as reliable.

How Do I Get Internet Without a Provider?

If you don’t want to pay high monthly rates or just don’t like dealing with ISPs, you have a few options. The most straightforward is to use your phone’s mobile hotspot. More than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices already, so this is an easy alternative. Just make sure you won’t incur extra data charges by using it too much and prepare for some slower speeds.

You could also connect to nearby free Wi-Fi networks, but this is a less reliable option. You won’t likely have a stable connection. Even if you do, public Wi-Fi is often unencrypted and not secure.

Finding the Best Internet Service Providers in Missoula

The best internet service provider in Missoula depends on what you need. Use this list as a jumping-off point to get a feel for what speeds and prices you can expect. From there, double-check some options with your address and choose whichever package meets your budget and speed requirements.

Internet Service Providers in Montana by City