Internet Service Providers in Idaho


There are a ton of internet service providers in Idaho, giving residents many great options. Examine these choices to find the one that works best for you. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Idaho

You’ll need to consider various speeds and offers to find the right choice. This list is trimmed down to 12 of the best. They provide either the most coverage or the fastest download speeds:

  • Rise Broadband
  • Ziply Fiber
  • Sparklight
  • T-Mobile
  • Optimum
  • Century Link
  • Ting
  • Cox
  • Quantum Fiber
  • Spectrum
  • SpeedyQuick Networks
  • Tekfinity

T-Mobile, Sparklight and Ziply may be your best bets if you’re looking for ISPs near you because they cover nearly 60% or more of the state. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Idaho

Most internet service providers in Idaho are very affordable. Here’s a list of every one from least to most expensive:

  • Ziply ($20 a month for various speeds) 
  • Tekfinity ($35 a month for 5 Mbps)
  • Rise Broadband ($35 a month for 25 Mbps)
  • Sparklight ($35 a month for 25 Mbps)
  • Optimum ($40 a month for 300 Mbps)
  • Ting ($39 a month for 50 Mbps)
  • Quantum Fiber ($49 a month for 200 Mbps) 
  • Spectrum ($49.99 a month for 300 Mbps)
  • Century Link ($50 a month for 100 Mbps)
  • T-Mobile ($50 a month for 100 to 1000 Mbps)
  • Cox ($49.99 a month for 100 Mbps)
  • SpeedyQuick Networks ($59.97 a month for 5 Mbps)

The actual price for the cheapest internet service providers in Idaho varies. For instance, Sparklight has service installation fees of up to $90 and activation fees of up to $100. Its lowest tier plan is also only available with phone or cable service.

Every Ziply plan is $20 a month for the first year only. After, they range from $40 to $80 monthly. However, the Affordable Connectivity Program from the government may make it cheaper. It applies to many different ISPs, but Ziply offers $30 off the 200 Mbps plan each month, making the price only $10 instead. 

T-Mobile also lowers its price to $30 monthly for 5G speeds if you’re a Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX plan user. It’s good to double-check the fee and fine print before signing up.

High-Speed Internet Options in Idaho

You’re in luck if you want high-speed internet options in Idaho because there are plenty. Ziply offers equal upload and download speeds of 1 Gbps for $20 monthly for the first year. After, it increases to $80. 

Optimum usually provides the same speed at the same price, but it’s running a deal where you for $15 every month if you sign up for a mobile plan. 

Spectrum has a plan with 1 Gbps for $89.99 a month. It doesn’t have a data cap, charge for a modem or require contracts. 

Ting offers equal download and upload speeds of 1 Gbps and unlimited data for $89 a month, although it’s limited to the Greater Sandpoint area. 

Which Idaho Internet Provider Is the Best?

If the “best” internet is defined as fast speeds at an affordable price, then Quantum Fiber may be your top option. It offers 940 Mbps for $65 a month with unlimited data, no installation fee, no recurring modem charge and no contracts.

Century Link’s fastest plan is 940 Mbps for $70 a month. Ziply is very popular because it has broad coverage and provides up to 1 Gbps equal upload and download speeds at a great price. 

What Is the Average Internet Speed in Idaho?

The average internet speed in Idaho is around 275 Mbps, although it varies from city to city. Many internet service providers in Idaho use fiber, driving up the average. Lewiston has the highest speeds in the state, followed by Idaho falls, Caldwell and Pocatello.

What Internet Is Best for Home Use?

The best internet for home use depends on what you use it for. For example, you’ll need a stable, high-speed connection if you work from home and video call. The right choice for you may also be the cheapest option. 

Find the Right ISP for You

The best ISP is one that works for you. Look through the offers, deals and fees for each one to find your ideal choice. Plenty of options exist, so you’re bound to find something that works.

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