Internet Service Providers in Nebraska


Nebraska, sitting in the middle of the Great Plains, has a reputation for being remote. However, like any area in the U.S. today, daily life and business within it are inseparable from the internet. If you live in or are moving to the state, you’ll want to know about the best internet service providers (ISPs) in Nebraska.

Internet Providers Near Me in Nebraska

According to the Nebraska Broadband Initiative, 86% of households in the state have internet access, with 82% having broadband connections. While that’s lower than some states, there are still plenty of available ISPs. Internet providers in Nebraska include:

  • Spectrum
  • CenturyLink
  • AT&T
  • Windstream
  • Cox Communications
  • EarthLink
  • Frontier
  • Rise Broadband
  • Future Technologies
  • Vistabeam
  • LTD Broadband
  • Viasat
  • HughesNet

Depending on where you are, you may not have access to some of these and may have access to others. You can find out for sure by entering your address on an ISP’s website to see if they cover you.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Nebraska

Internet prices can get expensive quickly, so knowing which internet service providers in Nebraska are the cheapest is important. Here’s a look at the monthly cost of these ISPs, from least to most expensive:

  1. Windstream ($19.99/month)
  2. Cox ($29.99/month)
  3. Frontier ($32.99/month)
  4. Future Technologies ($34.99/month)
  5. AT&T ($35/month)
  6. HughesNet ($39.99/month)
  7. Vistabeam ($47.95/month)
  8. EarthLink ($49.99/month)
  9. Spectrum ($49.99/month)
  10. Rise ($50/month)
  11. LTD ($50/month)
  12. CenturyLink ($50/month)
  13. Viasat ($69.99/month)

These prices are for each provider’s cheapest available plan. If you want higher speeds, you’ll have to pay more.

High-Speed Internet Options in Nebraska

Depending on how much you use the internet or what you use it for, you may want a high-speed option. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines high-speed internet as 25 Mbps, though some argue it should be 100 Mbps. All ISPs in Nebraska except for Viasat meet the 25 Mbps mark, but not all go as high as 100.

The fastest internet options in Nebraska offer 940 Mbps or more. The providers that offer these speeds are:

  • Spectrum
  • AT&T
  • Cox
  • Windstream

How Good Is the Internet in Nebraska?

Considering all of these factors, how good is the internet in Nebraska? That depends on how you define “good” internet.

Internet speed in Nebraska reaches 90.3 Mbps on average, placing it in the bottom 10 states. While those speeds aren’t high compared to others, that’s still enough for HD streaming and gaming for four or more people.

While prices in Nebraska tend to be lower than in some other states, it’s comparatively higher when you factor in speeds. Nebraska pays $5.43 per Mbps on average, making it the tenth most expensive state for internet connections. So, while speeds aren’t necessarily slow and prices aren’t high upfront, they fall behind other states.

How Do I Choose an Internet Provider?

Just as there are multiple ways to define what “good” internet is, there’s no one answer to what the best ISP is. To choose a provider, start with what’s available. Look through this list of internet providers in Nebraska and double-check with your address to see what you can get.

Next, narrow the list further by cutting out the ones that don’t offer the speeds you need. With the remaining ISPs, compare their rates to find who has the best deal for what you want. If some are close, consider their contract lengths or if their rates go up after a few months too.

What Do I Need for an Internet Service?

After you choose an internet provider, you may need a few things. Most, if not all, ISPs will sell you the equipment you need, which in most cases is just a modem and router. If you get satellite internet, you may need them to install a satellite dish as well.

Discover the Best Internet Service for Your Needs

Even a rural state like Nebraska has plenty of choices when it comes to ISPs. Start with this list, then consider your budget and needs to find the best internet service provider in Nebraska for you.

Internet Service Providers in Nebraska by City