Internet Service Providers in Lincoln

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The internet is part of everyday life, no matter where you live. Whether you’re moving or looking for a better deal, it helps to know the ISPs in your area. Here’s a look at the best internet providers in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Internet Providers Near Me in Lincoln

Lincoln is the second-largest city in Nebraska, so it has no shortage of ISPs to choose from. There are 11 internet providers in the area:

  • Windstream
  • Spectrum
  • Nextlink
  • Rise Broadband
  • Viasat
  • HughesNet
  • Ultra Home Internet
  • Diode Communications
  • Affordable Internet Solutions (AIS)
  • Allo Communications
  • Nebraska Technology and Telecommunications (NTT)

Remember that depending on where you are in the city, you may not have access to each of these services. Always double-check with your specific address to make sure you have coverage.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Lincoln

When choosing the best ISP, you’ll also want to consider prices. Here are the cheapest internet providers in Lincoln from least to most expensive:

  1. Windstream: $19.99/month
  2. Rise Broadband: $25/month
  3. NTT: $25.99/month
  4. Viasat: $35/month
  5. HughesNet: $39.99/month
  6. AIS: $39.99/month
  7. Allo Communications: $45/month
  8. Spectrum: $49.99/month
  9. Ultra Home Internet: $54.99/month
  10. Diode Communications: $59.95/month
  11. Nextlink: $59.95/month

These prices reflect the cheapest deal from each provider, so you may have to pay more to get the speeds you want. You should also remember that many ISPs raise their prices after a few months of service.

High-Speed Internet Options in Lincoln

Another thing to consider is speed. Official sources still define high-speed internet as 25 Mbps, which all ISPs in Nebraska meet except for NTT. The average rate in the U.S. is just over 99 Mbps, so you may want something faster.

AIS, Windstream, Spectrum, Viasat, Ultra Home Internet, Diode and Allo all offer speeds of 100 Mbps or faster. Spectrum and Allo are tied for first place with rates up to 1 gigabyte per second.

Remember that the faster your speeds are, the more you’ll pay. Both of the gigabyte options in Lincoln cost more than $90 a month. Real-world internet also rarely meets its advertised speeds, so expect to get a few Mbps less than what you pay for.

Do You Need a Phone Line for Internet?

Many ISPs deliver internet service through phone lines. Your house or apartment is likely already connected to these lines, but if not, don’t worry. Some services use other methods, so you don’t need a telephone to get coverage.

For example, Spectrum, Nextlink, Rise Broadband, Diode and AIS use cable lines or wireless transmitters. Ultra Home Internet, HughesNet and Viasat use satellite or cellular connections. Some Spectrum tiers and Allo use fiber optic cables. None of these require phone lines.

What Is the Best Internet in Nebraska?

The best ISP in Lincoln depends on what your needs are. If cost matters most to you, your answer will be different than someone who just cares about speed.

Allo and Spectrum are your best options if speed is the most important thing. If you’re more concerned about expenses, look into Windstream, Rise Broadband or NTT. Remember also to check customer reviews for information about customer service and reliability.

How Can I Get Internet Without a Provider?

If all this seems overwhelming, you may wonder if you can get internet without a provider. You technically can, but it’s generally not a good idea.

You could rely on nearby public Wi-Fi, but you can’t control security on these networks, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. They may be unencrypted or have weak passwords that hackers could breach to intercept your data.

Creating a mobile hotspot with your phone is another option, but this will likely give you slow speeds and limited bandwidth. This method may also incur extra charges from your cellular provider, so it may not be cost-effective, either.

Internet Service Providers in Nebraska by City