Internet Service Providers in South Dakota


Shopping for internet service providers in South Dakota can initially be overwhelming. If you’re new to the area or looking for a new internet plan, it’s essential to understand all available options. What types of internet connections can you get in South Dakota and which providers offer the best rates?

Internet Providers Near Me in South Dakota

The leading internet service providers in South Dakota today include HughesNet, CenturyLink, Frontier, Viasat, Rise Broadband and T-Mobile. Satellite internet is the most widely available, accessible virtually anywhere in the state. Fiber service is limited, though, and only available in major urban hubs. 

Surveys show 88.1% of South Dakotans have access to 100 Mbps broadband internet service. All the state’s most populated counties — such as Sanborn and Brule — have 100% coverage.

Cheapest Internet Providers in South Dakota

The cheapest internet service providers in South Dakota include Midco, HughesNet and CenturyLink. The most affordable option for an individual resident depends heavily on their location, though.

Many of the cheapest providers in South Dakota offer rates under $50 per month, even in remote areas. For example, Midco offers 1 Gbps download speeds with a cable connection starting at about $45 monthly. Hughesnet has a comparable satellite plan available virtually anywhere in the state.

People in more rural areas of South Dakota have access to fewer ISPs and may even be limited strictly to satellite or fixed wireless. There are several types of internet connections, not all of which are offered by all ISPs or available in all regions. For most people, the cheapest internet plans are broadband cable.

High-Speed Internet Options in South Dakota

The fastest high-speed internet options in South Dakota are fiber optic plans and 5G. Both are highly limited in availability but definitely worth considering.

T-Mobile offers 5G plans for South Dakota residents, providing access to today’s fastest internet speeds. Bluepeak, Venture Communications, CenturyLink, EarthLink, Golden West Communications and Midco all offer fiber optic internet plans throughout the state.

Does South Dakota Have Fiber-Optic Internet?

Yes, South Dakota has fiber-optic internet. Several internet service providers in South Dakota offer fiber plans, although availability is geographically limited.

Fiber internet is often the fastest available, but it’s usually among the most expensive plans on the market. Many people don’t need the ultra-high speeds of fiber optic, but it can be helpful for certain users or households. There are many free tests for measuring internet speeds that can help you determine if fiber optic would be the best option for you.

Leading fiber providers in South Dakota include Midco, Bluepeak and CenturyLink. All offer different rates and serve various areas of the state. Those interested in purchasing fiber-optic service must contact each ISP to get availability info for their specific address.

How Much Does Internet Cost in South Dakota?

The monthly cost of internet in South Dakota ranges from around $45 to about $70 per month. Custom rates and services can cost more, however. Most ISPs have rates between $45 and $50 per month, which is relatively common nationwide.

The most expensive internet plans in South Dakota are usually fiber optic or satellite installed in a remote location. Most people need standard broadband cable internet, which is widely available at affordable rates. It’s worth noting that many ISPs charge a premium rate for higher download speeds, which can increase the cost of any type of internet service.

TV and Internet Providers in South Dakota

DISH and DIRECTV are both satellite providers, so they’re available virtually anywhere in the state. Mediacom’s Xsteam TV and internet plans offer faster cable connections for $40 to $60 monthly. DISH and DIRECTV generally have more channels available, though, and offer TV-only plans in addition to bundles.

Finding the Best Internet Provider For You

Finding the best internet service providers in South Dakota can be confusing if you are new to the state or looking to switch providers. This guide offers an overview of the ISPs near you and the types of internet connections available. Cable is generally the best internet plan for most South Dakota residents, followed by satellite internet.

Internet Service Providers in South Dakota by City