Internet Service Providers in Iowa


While Iowa might not seem like it has a lot of WiFi available, there are quite a few high-speed internet service providers in Iowa. Some of the biggest names in internet service operate in the Hawkeye State.

Internet Providers Near Me in Iowa

The kind of internet service provider (ISP) you find in Iowa largely depends on your location. The closer you are to the cities, the more options you have.

For example, the top ISP in Des Moines is CenturyLink, which offers fiber internet, high-speed DSL at speeds up to 1 Gbps and plans starting at $50. Windstream is next, offering 2 Gbps of internet speed with plans starting at $44.99.

Choices become narrow once you leave the city, but you can still find ISPs that offer high-speed internet, even in rural areas. In places like Amana, T-Mobile is the most available internet provider. Their plans start at $50 and offer 5G plans with up to 182 Mbps of speed, depending on the features you purchase.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Iowa

The cheapest internet service comes from XTREAM. Its plans start at $24.99 monthly, and offer 100 Mbps speed and 300 GB of data. If you don’t use the internet for much except surfing and the occasional Netflix binge, 100 Mbps of speed is perfectly doable.

If you need more speed, XTREAM has 300 Mbps plans starting at $39 monthly. CenturyLink sells fiber internet plans with 200 Mbps starting at $30 monthly and unlimited data.

High-Speed Internet Options in Iowa

If you’ve got a budget and use the internet for work or gaming, plenty of high-speed internet service providers in Iowa can accommodate your needs. CenturyLink and Windstream are the ISPs offering high-speed internet with the most coverage. CenturyLink in particular offers DSL and fiber internet with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps — plans start at $50 a month.

Windstream’s plans start at $39.99 monthly and offer up to 2,000 Mbps depending on your chosen plan, but they’re much less available than CenturyLink. Finally, Mediacom offers up to 1,000 Mbps speeds starting at $19,99 per month. However, they only offer cable internet.

How Good Is 100 Mbps Internet?

A big household typically needs at least 100 Mbps or more, depending on how many people live in it. If you use devices connected to the internet, you will need greater bandwidth and internet speeds corresponding to how many of them you employ. Streaming services and video games also require rates higher than 100 Mbps.

Conversely, you can make do with fewer Mbps if you live in a smaller household or only use the internet for the occasional Wikipedia article or Google search. ISPs offer 50 Mbps or less plans for such households, which are much cheaper than the larger plans.

100 Mbps download speeds are the new standard for quality internet. Most internet service providers in Iowa will offer at least this much for high-speed plans. However, whether or not you need 100 Mbps will depend on your needs and how frequently you use the internet.

Does Iowa Have Good Broadband Service?

In general, Iowa is one of the lowest-ranking states for high-speed internet access. While 90.2% of all residents have access to 100 Mbps broadband, many ISPs charge over $50 a month for that access. In addition, advanced internet options such as fiber internet are found almost exclusively in cities and highly populated areas.

What Is the Average Internet Bill in Iowa?

Because of the high price of broadband, the average internet bill might look steep in Iowa. Studies show the average cost for internet services over 100 Mbps is more than $100 monthly. However, this can change depending on your internet needs.

Find the Perfect ISP for You

While there are some challenges in finding a good internet service provider in Iowa, there are still plenty of plans and providers to meet your needs. Remember your location, budget and how much you use the internet to find the right ISP.

Internet Service Providers in Iowa by City