Internet Service Providers in Des Moines

Des Moines Internet Service Providers

Des Moines is a popular migration destination for people of all ages. Older residents may relocate to the River of the Monks for retirement, while younger adults move to work. Whatever your reason for choosing the Iowan capital as your next home, you must familiarize yourself with leading internet service providers in Des Moines to conduct your business and enjoy the city’s best.

Internet Providers Near Me in Des Moines

Affordable, high-speed internet is your insurance against inconvenience. Fortunately, you can choose from numerous providers in the city. The leading players are:

  • CenturyLink
  • Google Fiber
  • EarthLink
  • Quantum Fiber
  • Mediacom
  • Metronet
  • Starlink
  • UScellular
  • Viasat

Some of these internet companies have limited service coverage in the city. They usually have a tool you can use to check whether their service is available in your specific zip code or address. Ensure your prospective vendor’s infrastructure reaches where you wish to live in Des Moines before you pack your bags.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Des Moines

From cheapest to most expensive, the prices of internet service providers in Des Moines start at:

  1. Viasat ($8.99/month)
  2. Mediacom ($19.99/month)
  3. UScellular ($29.99/month)
  4. Quantum Fiber ($50/month)
  5. CenturyLink ($55/month)
  6. Google Fiber ($70/month)
  7. Starlink ($120/month)

EarthLink and Metronet prefer quoting prices to individual customers instead of advertising them outright. They require you to enter your address first to check service availability and recommend relevant plans.

Comparing internet plans can be tricky, so take these prices with a grain of salt. Internet providers typically charge less during the honeymoon period. Losing your new customer privileges can trigger a bill increase after several months. Only a few offer a price lock guarantee for one or multiple years.

Moreover, advertised prices can be deceiving, for they may exclude mandatory fees that only come to light at checkout. These surcharges can be one-time fees related to hardware and installation, but some can be recurring costs, such as service plans and taxes. You may inadvertently commit to a long-term deal if you don’t pay attention. Not even nudging interventions can keep you from getting bill shock when you receive your first statement.

Pay attention to conditional pricing, too. Your internet subscription may include discounts due to certain features, such as autopay and paperless billing.

For example, Viasat — the cheapest on the list — charges about $9 monthly but says nothing about data caps or typical download and upload speeds. You can only get more information when you call them.

High-Speed Internet Options in Des Moines

Internet connection speed often justifies the cost. Here’s how much download speed you can expect from the top internet service providers in Des Moines:

  1. Google Fiber (1-8 Gbps)
  2. Metronet (100 Mbps-5 Gbps)
  3. EarthLink (Up to 5 Gbps)
  4. Mediacom (100 Mbps-2 Gbps)
  5. Quantum Fiber (500-940 Mbps)
  6. CenturyLink (100-940 Mbps)
  7. Starlink (81-188 Mbps)
  8. Viasat (25-100 Mbps)

All of the above can deliver above-average internet speeds by Iowa standards. Google Fiber’s download and upload speeds are symmetrical. With 8 Gbps, you can download a movie in just seconds. This vendor has limited coverage in the city, so verify whether your neighborhood is within its service area.

How Much Does Internet Cost in Des Moines?

The lowest internet prices of Des Moines’ leading service providers range from $8.99-$120 monthly. Your bill may reflect a higher amount because advertised subscription fees tend to have exclusions. 

Does Des Moines Have Fiber Optic Internet?

Thanks to various government programs promoting digital inclusion statewide, fiber optic internet is available in Des Moines. Notable service providers include Google Fiber, Metronet and Quantum Fiber.

Is Xfinity in Des Moines?

Xfinity is unavailable in various Des Moines zip codes and tends to recommend Xtream by Mediacom instead. Use the company’s tool to check the service’s availability at your address.

Comparing Internet Service Providers in Des Moines

There’s more to internet service subscriptions than prices and speeds. Dig deep to determine which provider offers the most value for your money.

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