Internet Service Providers in Indiana


Looking for internet service providers in Indiana?

Wi-Fi has become more of a need than a want for many households across the country. Whether it’s connecting to the internet to work from home or children learning virtually, people must be able to access the internet from their homes.

Indiana ranks 21st in state broadband access, which means the state’s connectivity can certainly improve. While the Hoosier state is well-known for producing basketball stars and automobiles, internet access is fairly limited.

Still, there are plenty of internet service providers (ISPs) in Indiana. Residents can choose from any of these ISPs to meet their internet needs, whether it’s an inexpensive, low-speed plan or a higher speed, more expensive internet service.

Let’s explore more about the ISPs in Indiana, which providers offer the cheapest and fastest plans, and some other general answers to the most common questions regarding Indiana internet services.

Internet Providers Near Me in Indiana

Whether you’re located in Indiana or are looking to move there, knowing the types of internet services available to you is vital. Nowadays, it’s challenging to get by without having a solid internet connection.

Here are some of the most common ISPs located in Indiana and their starting monthly prices:

  • AT&T: Plans starting at $19.99 per month
  • HughesNet: Plans starting at $59.99 per month
  • Frontier: Plans starting at $34.99 per month
  • Spectrum: Plans starting at $44.99 per month
  • CenturyLink: Plans starting at $49.99 per month
  • Xfinity: Plans starting at $34.99 per month
  • Mediacom: Plans starting at $39.99 per month

These are some well-known ISPs that operate across the country. Still, not every ISP necessarily operates in all regions of Indiana. It’s worth noting that each ISP has a website where you can enter your address to see availability in your area.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Indiana

It’s no secret that Wi-Fi has become a necessity for many working families across the country. With new smartphones and laptops coming out each year, families must access reasonably priced internet plans. If you’re looking for the cheapest internet plans in Indiana, you’re in the right place!

Here are examples of the cheapest ISPs in Indiana:

  • AT&T: 100 Mbps plan starting at $49.99/month; DSL plan for $19.99/month
  • Xfinity: 100 Mbps plan starting at $34.99 per month
  • Spectrum: 100 Mbps plan starting at $44.99 per month

Paying under $50 per month for an internet plan is pretty standard across the country, as internet plans are typically in that range.

High-Speed Internet Options in Indiana

If you’re looking to stream 4K or Ultra HD movies, for example, you’ll need high-speed internet to get the job done. Keep in mind that high-speed internet access plans tend to be more expensive than some of the lower-speed plans offered by ISPs. The higher the speed, the more you’ll pay monthly.

Here are two ISPs that offer high-speed internet options for Indiana residents:

  • AT&T: Offers speeds as fast as 1,000 Mbps
  • Xfinity: Offers speeds as fast as 987 Mbps

While there are limited options for high-speed internet across Indiana, it’s critical that you research which ISP operates in your area.

Who Has the Best Internet Service in Indiana?

Based on its reasonable prices and speeds, AT&T offers the best internet service in Indiana. The ISP offers plans starting at $19.99 per month with decent download and upload speeds, which is essential for anyone who wants seamless internet access.

How Much Does Internet Cost in Indiana?

Generally speaking, internet costs range anywhere from $20-$50 for basic internet service. As with any ISP in any region of the country, you can always upgrade your plan to accommodate faster speeds at a reasonable price.

More robust internet services can range anywhere from $60-$100 per month, but remember that it’s all based on your household needs. If you have several family members with multiple devices, you may end up paying more monthly to suit this need.

Does Indiana Have Good Internet?

Overall, Indiana’s internet options are about average. Some states have fewer internet plan options than others. Some states, like Nevada or Hawaii, are so connected that almost every household has access to some kind of internet plan. Indiana does have options for any user, but prices, speed, and availability all vary.

Find Reasonable Internet Plans in Indiana

Whether you’re in the heart of Indianapolis or a quaint Indiana suburb, there are internet plans that will meet your needs. You must research the different ISPs to know which plan is perfect for you. Consider visiting some ISP websites to understand what plans may work for you and your family members.

Internet Service Providers in Indiana by City