Internet Service Providers in Santa Ana

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If you’re looking for internet service providers in Santa Ana, you have a range of options to choose from. Not all ISPs offer the same plans, however. Speed, cost and connection strength can vary wildly, and some California internet providers also offer bundles with other services, like TV or a landline.

Here’s how to determine the right Santa Ana ISP for your particular situation.

Internet Providers Near Me in Santa Ana 

There are six internet providers in Santa Ana. Four are major, national ISPs that primarily offer wired internet service — AT&T, Cox Communications, Spectrum and Earthlink. Depending on where you live in Santa Ana, you may not be outside Spectrum’s service area.

You also likely have access to two providers of satellite internet services — HughesNet and Viasat. Satellite internet services don’t require a wired connection to your ISP’s network. Still, they may provide a weaker connection to the internet and be more prone to interference than fiber or cable.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Santa Ana

Prices for all providers in your area are likely to be similar, but some plans will be cheaper than others. Cox Communications advertises a $19.99 a month plan that will likely be the most affordable available if available at your address. AT&T offers the next-cheapest option, which will cost you $35 a month.

Spectrum, Earthlink and satellite internet plans will probably be more expensive than offerings from Cox or AT&T — but it’s unlikely that the cheapest plan from any provider in your area will cost more than $50 to $60 a month.

High-Speed Internet Options in Santa Ana

All four wired internet providers offer gigabit or near-gigabit plans that will get you download speeds of around 1,000 megabits per second. 

The satellite providers in the area also offer high-speed plans, but they won’t be nearly as fast as those gigabit options. HughesNet’s plans cap out at around 25 to 30 megabits per second, while Viasat offers download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second.

What Is the Cheapest Internet Service in My Area? 

The cheapest plans will likely come from major providers like AT&T, Cox or Spectrum.

You may also qualify for one of these companies’ low-income plans. They are typically much cheaper than other offerings and may come with special perks — like free setup or a deposit waiver.

AT&T, Cox and Spectrum all offer plans for low-income households.

What Is the Fastest Internet in My City? 

Major providers also provide the fastest internet in the city. Top speeds are comparable in Santa Ana — you should expect at least one provider that covers your area to offer a plan with download speeds of around 1,000 megabits per second.

Satellite internet providers won’t be able to offer the same speeds. Viasat’s fastest plan, which may be available in your area, can only provide 100 megabits per second at most.

How Many Residential Internet Providers Service Santa Ana?

Six local internet providers in Santa Ana offer residential services — four that provide primarily wired internet services and two that offer satellite.

The Best Internet Service Providers in Santa Ana

Households in Santa Ana looking for an ISP have a decent range of options to choose from. In addition to several major providers that offer fast download speeds and low prices, you can also opt for an unwired, satellite internet connection.

Prices and speeds available from these providers will be mostly the same. However, the satellite companies won’t be able to offer the fast connections some other companies can provide.

Internet Service Providers in California by City