Internet Service Providers in Oklahoma


One of the biggest concerns you might have when moving to a new state is if you can get high-speed internet service. Fortunately, there are plenty of internet service providers in Oklahoma.

Internet Providers Near Me in Oklahoma

Your location is essential when choosing an internet service provider in Oklahoma. ISPs offer different plans and prices depending on where you live. 

For example, AT&T, COX and T-Mobile are the biggest high-speed internet providers in Oklahoma City. AT&T and COX have fiber internet, while T-Mobile has 5G plans. These three companies offer the most coverage outside the city, but this dwindles as you enter rural areas.

Less populated places, such as McClain County, have more narrow choices regarding ISP providers. SuddenLink is the top provider of cable internet here. Satellite internet plans are more prolific in these areas, with ISPs like Dish and HughesNet being widely available. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Oklahoma

There are many affordable high-speed internet service providers in Oklahoma. AT&T has fiber internet plans with speeds up to 1 Gbps and unlimited data starting at $35 monthly. COX Internet has cable or fiber internet plans starting at $40 monthly. 

Dish and DirectTV are the biggest providers of satellite internet in Oklahoma. However, their prices are much higher — starting at $64.99 and $69.99, respectively. Prices for these plans might vary depending on your location. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Oklahoma

Plenty of internet service providers in Oklahoma offer fast internet service. AT&T provides the fastest internet. It has DSL, cable and fiber internet plans with speeds up to 1 Gbps and 5 Gbps. AT&T also provides the most coverage throughout Oklahoma. 

Windstream is rated the second-highest ISP regarding internet speed, offering cable, DSL, copper and fiber internet plans with speeds up to 2 Gbps. However, it has much less coverage than many of its competitors.

COX Internet provides cable internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps. It also has the second-highest coverage in Oklahoma, rivaling AT&T in places like Oklahoma City. 

How Fast Is the Internet in Oklahoma?

On average, the internet speed throughout Oklahoma is around 371 Mbps. The average person needs at least 100 Mbps of speed for most routine internet activities. However, it all depends on what you use the internet for. More intensive activities, such as gaming or streaming movies, could require a faster connection.

Oklahoma is the 43rd most connected state compared to the rest of the U.S. Studies also show it has access to broadband internet — which makes getting high-speed internet service very easy. 

How Much Is the Internet in Oklahoma?

How much you pay for internet in Oklahoma will depend on two main factors: your location and what kind of plan you need. Some providers offer different types of plans depending on where you live. For example, fiber internet is only found in major cities due to insufficient infrastructure. 

The challenges of establishing this infrastructure also play a role in prices for internet providers. Plans may cost more or less depending on the available services. 

Is Satellite or Cable Internet Better in Oklahoma? 

On average, cable internet is faster and more stable than satellite internet. However, cable internet is also less accessible — especially in rural areas. Furthermore, cable internet plans are typically less expensive than satellite. 

Satellite internet might be better in rural areas. It’s generally more accessible than cable, and some plans are just as fast. Depending on what kind of service you choose, satellite internet might be more expensive — especially if you live in a remote area.

Find the ISP That’s Right for You

Plenty of internet service providers in Oklahoma offer various plans to meet your needs. All you need to do is research while keeping your location and the needs of your household in mind.

Internet Service Providers in Oklahoma by City