Internet Service Providers in Vermont


Finding a good internet service provider in Vermont might seem difficult. However, plenty of ISPs provide fast, high-quality internet service in the area. You’ll have to do some research to know which is right for you.

Internet Providers Near Me in Vermont

Location plays a crucial role in choosing an internet service provider in Vermont. Where you live can determine the speed, quality and price ISPs are offering. Generally, living in a more populated area like Montpelier will give you more options. Xfinity in particular has fiber optic internet service available in Montpelier starting at $25.

However, the farther you get from more populated areas, the more narrow your options will be. Xfinity still operates in places like Plymouth, but fiber optic internet plans are no longer available. Viasat is the carrier of choice for areas outside of cities, with plans starting at $49.99 monthly.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Vermont

Many ISPs — such as Xfinity, HughesNet and Spectrum — offer various plans. Xfinity has monthly plans ranging from $9.95 to $45. HughesNet’s cheapest plan is $49 per month.

However, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for. Xfinity plans at $9.95 offer only 50 Mbps over a cable connection. If you use the internet a lot, you should aim for 100 Mbps — more if you have others living in your household. Make sure the plan you purchase can meet your needs.

High-Speed Internet Options in Vermont

Regarding Vermont internet service providers offering the highest speeds, the Vermont Telephone Company comes out on top. Their internet connections average 99.2 Mbps and they have plans that provide up to 1,000 Mbps for personal home internet service.

However, Xfinity is a much more flexible option, averaging 95.1 Mbps. Xfinity plans offer up to 300 Mbps for personal home services, with many tiers available. They are also the ISP with the most range, offering high-speed internet in cities and less populated areas.

Does Vermont Have Fast Internet?

Yes, Vermont has a large selection of internet service providers offering high-speed internet. Studies show 100% of people in Vermont have access to broadband internet and the average download speed for the state is 278 Mbps.

On average, the best speed for most households’ internet needs ranges from 100 to 150 Mbps, depending on how much you use it. Popular ISPs like Xfinity and Spectrum offer various plans to meet your needs.

Does Vermont Have Fiber Optic Internet?

Yes, many internet service providers in Vermont offer fiber optic internet. However, its availability depends on where you live. Fiber optic internet is more available for people living in cities and other populated areas and becomes less known in rural areas. Studies show seven out of 10 households in Vermont need access to fiber optic internet.

Xfinity, Hughsnet and Viasat offer fiber optic internet in major cities, but sadly, ISPs don’t offer the service outside of them.

What Is the Average Monthly Fee for Internet in Vermont?

Unfortunately, Vermont has some of the highest prices in the U.S. for internet service. This is especially true of the rural areas, which have to pay almost double the monthly amount for the same service as their city-living counterparts. Though many ISPs offer low-cost plans, the speed and quality of the service could be more comprehensive.

Find Internet Service Providers in Vermont

Knowing what kind of services you need depends on where you live, how many people live in your household and how much you’re willing to pay. Keep these in mind and you’ll find the right ISP for you in Vermont. 

Internet Service Providers in Vermont by City