Internet Service Providers in Bellevue

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Residents and business owners rely on the internet to access vital information and communicate. As the modern lifestyle becomes busier, individuals’ demand for reliable Wi-Fi sources increases. Internet service providers in Bellevue, Washington, offer various options for people to choose from.

Internet Providers Near Me in Bellevue

The most popular internet provider in Bellevue is CenturyLink. It delivers a reliable Wi-Fi connection to nearly 87% of the city. CenturyLink also offers three different plans catering to various consumers.

Xfinity is another popular provider in the area, reaching 99.5% of Bellevue residents. It offers customers five different Wi-Fi plans with a range of speeds and provides residents with the best deals.

T-Mobile additionally provides home internet to Bellevue residents. It offers two different plans to customers, varying in price and speed. 

Viasat offers high-speed internet connections throughout the city. It additionally provides four different plans with varying speeds and prices. 

HughesNet is another Wi-Fi provider in Bellevue with a 100% availability rate.

The final two internet companies in the area are Ziply Fiber and Wave. They are less popular because of their low availability rates.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Bellevue

The most affordable internet provider in Bellevue is Earthlink, which delivers fiber and digital subscriber line (DSL) connections. Earthlink offers packages starting at $39.95, and Ziply Fiber also provides an affordable internet connection starting at $40 a month.

The internet company has a higher user rating compared to Earthlink, receiving four out of five stars. Xfinity is a midgrade provider and offers packages as low as $50 a month. It delivers Wi-Fi through a cable connection.

CenturyLink also delivers internet packages ranging from $50 a month. It offers fiber, DSL and fixed wireless internet connections. 

Viasat’s packages are more costly, starting at $60 a month. The company delivers Wi-Fi through a satellite connection and holds a three out of five-star customer rating. 

HughesNet offers the most expensive internet packages starting at $69.99 a month. It also delivers Wi-Fi through a satellite connection and has a four out of five-star customer rating.

High-Speed Internet Options in Bellevue

Consumers should additionally explore the internet speeds available by each service provider before investing in a package. Xfinity, Ziply Fiber and Wave all offer downloading speeds of 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). CenturyLink also has high internet speeds, reaching 940 Mbps.

Viasat and HughesNet offer the slowest downloading speeds, reaching 25 Mbps at their max. While slow internet speeds may deter some customers from a provider, many residents only need minimal power. 

What Is the Fastest Internet in Bellevue?

Business owners looking at reliable, high-speed providers should consider the downloading and availability rates of each package. While Xfinity, Ziply Fiber and Wave offer high-speed internet connections, their varying accessibility in Bellevue alters their consistency. Xfinity is the most reliable provider with the fastest downloading speeds in the area, making it a beneficial option for companies and residents.

What Are Some Highly Rated Businesses for Internet Service Providers in Bellevue?

Exploring customer reviews and ratings are also essential before purchasing an internet package. HughesNet has the highest star rating with the best comments regarding customer service and Wi-Fi reliability. Xfinity also has high customer ratings and positive reviews from consumers in Bellevue.

Viasat has a slightly lower star rating with fewer positive reviews. When determining the best internet provider in the region, individuals must evaluate a company’s prices, downloading speeds and customer satisfaction ratings.

Which Provider Offers the Best Internet Service in Bellevue?

After examining the differences between each Bellevue service provider, individuals may identify Xfinity as the best company in the area. It delivers reliable, high-speed internet to almost 100% of the city. The company also offers reasonably priced packages with high star ratings.

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