Internet Service Providers in Kent

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Are you shopping for internet service providers in Kent? This city in Washington State enjoys high-speed internet access in all areas, with many internet service providers (ISPs) offering different connection types. Discover your choices based on speed, affordability and availability.

Internet Providers Near Me in Kent

Washington residents continue to enjoy internet access as the state consistently ranks as one of the best-connected states in the U.S. Kent benefits from this comprehensive coverage, getting several ISPs to service city residents. 

Here are some service providers that offer high-speed internet in the area:

  1. Xfinity
  2. CenturyLink
  3. ViaSat
  4. T-Mobile
  5. HughesNet
  6. Always ON
  7. Quantum Fiber
  8. Verizon
  9. Starlink

Cheapest Internet Providers in Kent

Many ISPs in the Kent area offer cheap monthly rates for decent internet speeds, depending on the type of connection and location. Check with your local internet providers if they service your area and get an idea of how much you’ll pay monthly for internet services.

Here are some of the most affordable internet providers and their monthly subscription fees, ranked from cheapest to most expensive:

  1. Xfinity ($35/month)
  2. HughesNet ($49/month)
  3. CenturyLink ($50/month)
  4. T-Mobile ($50/month)
  5. Quantum Fiber ($50/month)
  6. Verizon ($50/month)
  7. Always ON ($60/month)
  8. ViaSat ($64.99/month)
  9. Starlink ($90/month)

High-Speed Internet Providers in Kent

ISPs in Kent, Washington, offer good speeds to match users’ varying needs. So far, Xfinity provides the best in class internet speed with up to 2 Gbps connections, depending on the plan.

Here are several high-speed internet options you can choose from in Kent, ranked from fastest to slowest.

  1. Xfinity: 2 Gbps
  2. CenturyLink: 140 Mbps
  3. ViaSat: 30 Mbps
  4. T-Mobile: 33-245 Mbps
  5. HughesNet: 25 Mbps
  6. Always ON: 25-150 Mbps
  7. Quantum Fiber: 940 Mbps
  8. Verizon: 300 Mbps
  9. Starlink: 50-220 Mbps

Is There Fiber Internet in Washington State?

Yes, Washington has fiber-type internet service in many locations. According to the FCC, their broadband map shows only over 30% of residences in the state have access to high-speed fiber internet. These connections are mostly found in larger metropolitan areas, but some internet providers offer them in rural areas.

CenturyLink offers fiber internet service in different cities in Washington. Their connection can reach speeds up to 940 Mbps, catering to various online needs such as streaming, gaming and heavy online browsing. 

Fiber internet offers steady, high-speed connectivity via light pulses traveling through an infrastructure of fiber-optic cables. This newer data transmission technology is faster than traditional cable internet, which uses copper wires and electricity.

How Much Does Internet Cost Per Month in Washington?

Internet costs in the Evergreen State can range anywhere from $29.99-$119 per month, depending on the plan you’re looking to get. Many internet providers in Washington — like Xfinity and CenturyLink — offer monthly high speeds for $50 and above.

Confirm with your internet provider if they will supply the equipment in your subscription plan. Some ISPs have modems and routers for rent at an additional cost per month. Sometimes, providing your own equipment is better to avoid extra monthly payments. That way, you save money and have a modem of your own in case you need to switch internet providers later.

The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program is a benefits program that helps households afford the internet service they need for work, school and other essential needs. Eligible families can check the requirements and apply for the discount, which takes off at least $30 per month. It’s an excellent way to defray costs, especially for low-income families.

Does Washington Have Good Internet?

According to Ookla’s speed test, the median download speed in Washington in 2023 is 190 Mbps for fixed internet connections, while mobile speeds reach over 100 Mbps. These are decent internet speeds, especially for households with only a few connected devices.

Washington residents can choose from different connections like cable, DSL, satellite, 5G, fixed wireless and fiber, depending on the availability in their area. Internet connections are built differently and offer varying speeds and reliability depending on the location. If you’re shopping around for a new internet provider, confirming their reliability rates before subscribing to an internet plan would be a wise move.

Kent: Good Speeds at Affordable Prices

Kent residents can expect median speeds of up to 200 Mbps depending on their connection type and provider. Finding one that fits your needs is just a matter of setting up an appointment with your chosen internet provider.

Internet Service Providers in Washington State by City