Internet Service Providers in Bend

Bend Internet Service Providers

One of the first things you want to do after moving and getting settled is choose one of the internet service providers in Bend, Oregon. Your selection will depend on your specific location, budget and speed-related requirements. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Bend

The easiest way to determine your internet options is to consider your address. Although several internet service providers operate in Bend, not all offer availability everywhere.

The main providers are: 

  • Prinetime
  • HughesNet
  • TDS
  • CenturyLink
  • Viasat

Something else to remember is that many internet service providers in Bend offer “unlimited” service. However, that’s not necessarily as straightforward as it might seem. Be sure to check for the associated fine print. Some providers place data caps on the account if you use more than a predetermined amount. That could become a problem if you work from home or have other circumstances that result in lots of internet usage. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Bend

If you’re like many people, cost is a major driver of which internet provider you pick. Those interested in getting internet access from a new company want to ensure the plans fit their budgets.

Here’s a starting price overview, although we’ll go into more details below: 

Prinetime ($44)

TDS ($44.99)

HughesNet ($49.99)

CenturyLink ($55)

Viasat ($99.99)

Starlink ($120)

Prinetime is the least expensive option, with plans starting at $44. Next is TDS, which gives an internet-only deal priced at $44.99. Some Bend addresses also qualify for The Ultimate Offer, which provides customers a lifetime price of $49.99 for their internet. HughesNet is another budget-friendly option, with plans priced at $49.99 and up. 

If you go with CenturyLink, expect monthly pricing starting at $55. However, that figure is for the internet only, and there are some other charges on top of that. For example, you’ll pay a one-time installation fee of $25 and a $15 modem lease fee each month. 

Finally, there are satellite internet options to explore. Viasat charges $99.99 for unlimited internet with no contracts. However, there are associated installation costs on top of that, and those vary by installer.

For example, one answer in Viasat’s FAQ section says that people may need to pay approximately $75 for a pole-mounted satellite dish. A broader response is that any nonstandard installation needs could incur extra charges that depend on your specific situation. 

Starlink’s pricing breakdown is more transparent. The internet service costs $120 per month. However, you also must pay a one-time hardware fee of $599. Finally, if you get the equipment shipped to your Bend address, that costs $20. 

The above figures are for the plan Starlink advertises as best for households. However, the company has an assortment of other plans, including those to use while boating or otherwise on the go. Prices vary significantly, so be sure to get the details before signing up.  

High-Speed Internet Options in Bend

Internet service providers in Bend vary in terms of average speeds. For example, some only give download information, although you can occasionally get data about uploads. Here’s what the providers’ websites say about speed expectations for a Bend address. 

  • CenturyLink: Up to 10 Mbps 
  • HughesNet: 50 Mbps 
  • Prinetime: 100 Mbps download and upload
  • TDS: Speeds from 300 Mbps to 1 gigabyte
  • Viasat: 25 to 150 Mbps

Starlink users typically see download speeds between 25 and 220 Mbps, with most getting speeds over 100 Mbps. Typical upload speeds are between 5 and 20 Mbps.

Does Bend, Oregon Have Internet?

Yes. Bend has several internet service providers, including CenturyLink, HughesNet and TDS.

Does Starlink Work in Bend, Oregon?

If you’re thinking about using Starlink internet in Bend, the service is broadly available. Viasat also offers satellite-based internet to customers in Bend. 

Which Are the Best Internet Service Providers in Bend, OR?

The best internet service provider for you as a Bend resident will depend on numerous personal factors, such as your budget, data requirements and speed preferences. Additionally, since not all providers offer coverage for every address, you’ll need to provide yours rather than assuming you can become a customer.

Which Internet Service Provider in Bend Will You Choose?

This broad overview of your internet options as a Bend resident should help you feel more confident while searching for reliable connectivity. As you research the possibilities, always provide specifics about your address. It could influence your coverage and speed.

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