Internet Service Providers in Gresham


If you’re on the hunt for internet services in Gresham, Oregon, you’ve probably realized just how essential it is to pick a reliable ISP (internet service provider). With so many people working from home and streaming their favorite shows, having steady and fast WiFi has never been more important.

Like in any city, not all internet providers are the same in Gresham. Some may offer fast speeds but are a bit pricey, while others are more affordable but less fast or reliable. It’s crucial to look at different ISPs to find one that’s the right fit for your needs and budget.

Internet Providers Near Me in Gresham

In Gresham, you’re in luck when choosing an internet service provider. Each option available offers unique plans and benefits to fit various needs. The list of internet service providers available to you in Gresham includes:

  • Xfinity: This ISP is widely available nationwide and offers numerous internet plans. It also offers bundled packages to add TV or mobile services.
  • AT&T: AT&T offers reliable internet service with plans catering to everything from casual browsing to online gaming. It’s also highly regarded for its customer service, and the option to bundle TV and mobile.
  • Verizon FiOS: Although more limited in availability, Verizon FiOS has a reputation for fiber-optic internet speeds and reliability.
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile has recently entered the home internet market, offering competitive prices with no annual contracts.
  • Ziply Fiber: This ISP offers high-speed internet without the hassle of data caps.
  • Quantum Fiber: Quantum specializes in fiber-optic internet plans with straightforward pricing and no long-term contracts.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Gresham

You don’t have to compromise on quality when finding an affordable internet service provider in Gresham. Some options offer wallet-friendly plans while keeping you connected at a decent speed. For instance, Xfinity offers competitive rates starting at $19.99 monthly with speeds up to 150 Mbps.

This plan appeals to those who want lower cost and high-speed internet. It also makes an excellent choice for individuals or small families with moderate internet needs. However, this price is good for one year, so it may increase after a period of commitment.

Ziply Fiber brings internet to the table with prices as low as $20 per month and speeds up to 50 Mbps. Although it’s slower than Xfinity’s offer, the fiber-optic technology may provide a more consistent and reliable connection.

T-Mobile steps up in price and technology — its 5G internet plan is available for $50 per month with AutoPay. This plan is a solid choice for those looking to leverage the latest internet connectivity. Plus, the current promotion includes a $200 virtual prepaid Mastercard, which can offset the cost for the first few months.

High-Speed Internet Options in Gresham

If you’re looking for the highest speeds because you use the internet heavily or have a large household, consider these options:

  • Ziply Fiber’s internet speeds reach up to 2 Gbps.
  • Quantum Fiber provides up to 940 Mbps.
  • Xfinity is not far behind Ziply, with speeds up to 1.2 Gbps.

How Much Is the Internet Per Month in Oregon?

The average monthly cost for internet access in Oregon is $63.47, giving you an idea of what to expect to pay for internet access. Actual prices vary based on speed, provider and package options.

Does Oregon Have Good Internet?

Oregon ranks as the 13th most connected state in the U.S. With a median internet speed of 221.53 Mbps, you can enjoy fast and reliable service. The average upload speed of 23.58 and a low latency of 12 mx also indicates a strong network.

Who Has the Best Internet System?

Out of the internet service providers in Gresham, Xfinity is the top choice because of its widespread availability, high-speed options and good pricing. It also has a positive reputation for its dependable internet connection and customer service.

Finding the Best Internet Service Provider in Gresham

While searching for the best internet service provider, know Gresham has plenty of options. However, it’s important to check and compare what’s available in your neighborhood so you can find one that suits your internet needs.

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