Internet Service Providers in Rochester

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If you’re looking for internet service in Rochester, New York, you have options. In addition to two major national providers, there are also a handful of more niche ISPs you can work with. Below are the most notable internet service providers in Rochester and the services they offer — plus, which will likely be the best fit for your needs.

Internet Providers Near Me in Rochester 

There are five internet service providers in Rochester, four of which — Spectrum, Frontier, Viasat and HughesNet — provide service to most of the city.

You can also buy internet service from Consolidated Communications, depending on where in the city you live.

Spectrum offers cable internet, which you can bundle with TV and landline phone services. Frontier provides fiber connections and DSL internet, as well as plans for cable and landline phone service. Consolidated Communications also offers DSL internet. Both Viasat and HughesNet are satellite internet providers.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Rochester 

In Rochester, Frontier will likely offer you the cheapest available internet service, with advertised plans starting at $29.99 a month. Other area providers offer similarly priced plans — Consolidated Communications, for example, advertises plans that start at $35 a month.

Internet service costs in the Rochester area are similar regardless of provider. It’s likely that no matter your address or internet service needs, you’ll have access to a plan that starts at around $55 or less per month.

High-Speed Internet Options in Rochester

The major ISPs that offer fiber connections — Spectrum and Frontier — will provide the fastest service in the Rochester area, with download speeds of up to 940 megabits per second. 

Satellite internet from Viasat or HughesNet will likely be much slower than the fastest plans on offer from Spectrum or Frontier. With Viasat or HughesNet, you’ll likely only get download speeds of around 30 megabits per second at most, though plan specifics may vary from area to area.

What Is the Best Internet Provider in Rural Areas?

In rural areas, this will depend on how easy it is to get a wired connection to your home. For some, choosing from major ISPs in New York may not be a problem. For others, it may require major upfront costs or be almost impossible.

If a wired connection isn’t practical, you can opt for a satellite connection. With this kind of service, you use a satellite dish to connect to the internet. As a result, you won’t need a wired connection to the rest of your ISP’s network.

These connections can be weaker and more prone to interference than wired connections. However, they may be the best choice if a wired internet connection is impractical — or just not what you’re looking for.

Who Has the Lowest Cost Internet Service?

Frontier is the price leader in the Rochester area. If you’d prefer to buy internet services from competitors like Spectrum, Viasat or HughesNet, prices will probably be higher — up to $20 or $30 more, depending on your ISP.

Who Has the Fastest Home Internet Service?

A near-gigabit plan from Spectrum or Frontier will get you the fastest speeds available in Rochester, with advertised download speeds of around 940 megabits per second.

Satellite and fixed wireless connections are still considered “high-speed,” but they won’t provide similar speeds. Viasat, for example, may only offer speeds of up to 25 or 30 megabits per second.

How to Pick an Internet Service Provider in Rochester

Whether you need a fiber, cable or satellite connection, you can choose from providers in Rochester that have a fitting plan for you. 

Major providers in the area — Spectrum and Frontier — will offer the highest speeds and best prices available. If a wired connection isn’t possible, you can also buy from a satellite internet provider in the area, like Viasat or HughesNet.