Internet Service Providers in Tarrytown


Are you looking for internet service providers in Tarrytown, New York? Discover the fastest, most reliable and affordable plans in your area.

Internet Providers Near Me in Tarrytown

Many internet service providers (ISPs) in Tarrytown offer consumers a wide range of products and services. Check with ISPs in your area to see if they service your neighborhood.

  • Verizon
  • Optimum
  • Viasat
  • T-Mobile
  • HughesNet
  • Always ON
  • Starlink
  • Earthlink

Many internet providers have flexible data options for every plan owner. Do your research and choose an ISP that covers your needs and preferences. Heavy online browsing, gaming and streaming require a faster connection to meet the demands. If you plan to work from home, pick an ISP with reliable speeds and a strong signal to stay connected during work hours.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Tarrytown

Cost is one of the most important factors when shopping for an internet provider. Affordable plans can cover a household’s needs — even in New York, where the cost of living is comparably higher than in many states — depending on the usage and number of connected devices.

Here are the cheapest internet providers in the Tarrytown area, ranked from most affordable to most expensive.

  1. Optimum: $45 monthly
  2. Verizon: $49.99 monthly
  3. HughesNet: $49.99 monthly
  4. T-Mobile: $50 monthly
  5. Always ON: $60 monthly
  6. Viasat: $64.99 monthly
  7. Earthlink: $69.95 monthly
  8. Starlink: $90 monthly

Many internet service providers offer an introductory price to new plan owners for a specific period. These special promotions can help subscribers save a few dollars monthly and lower household expenses.

High-Speed Internet Options in Tarrytown

Most internet service providers in Tarrytown included in this list have a high service availability. Their service types include fiber, DSL, 5G, cable and satellite connections.

Here are the high-speed internet providers in Tarrytown, ranked from fastest to slowest.

  1. Verizon: 300-940 Mbps
  2. Optimum: 300-940 Mbps
  3. T-Mobile: 245 Mbps
  4. Earthlink: 100 Mbps
  5. Starlink: 50-220 Mbps
  6. HughesNet: 50-100 Mbps
  7. Viasat: 30 Mbps
  8. Always ON: 25-150 Mbps

It’s best to remember that internet providers’ advertised speeds often fluctuate throughout the day. Most of the time, their posted speeds are only available in select areas where signal strength and quality are highest.

What Are the Types of Available Internet Services?

Choosing among the many internet service options can be dizzying for prospective buyers. Identifying the different connection types can help narrow your search while shopping around.

  • DSL: A reliable successor to dial-up, DSL has been around for decades and offers significantly faster speeds. Newer connection types have since beaten it, but it’s still one of the most widely used connections available today.

  • Fiber: Fiber optics is one of the most common internet connections, using light to transmit data across long distances. It offers fast speeds, reliable connections and fewer slowdowns, making it a prime choice for many households.

  • 5G wireless: 5G is one of the newest wireless communications technologies on the market. It uses high frequencies to transmit data via air at faster speeds.

  • Cable: Cable connections use coaxial cables — used in TV — to transmit data. It’s faster than DSL but can be less prevalent in rural areas or wherever there are few lines.

  • Satellite: Satellite technology does away with cumbersome cables and can provide fast internet access virtually everywhere. The downside is the tricky positioning required to keep a constant, uninterrupted connection with the satellite.

  • Mobile network: A mobile connection is a good substitute for traditional internet service if there are few or no options available, making it ideal for people on the go. Mobile users can use their devices as hotspots to connect to the internet.

  • Fixed wireless: Fixed internet connections use antennas to send radio signals to nearby towers. Many rural areas use this type of connection but can be susceptible to interference from weather disruptions and other factors.

How Much Is the Internet in the U.S. Per Month?

According to Consumer Reports, the median cost of high-speed internet service was $74.99 per month in 2022. The study covered over 18,000 consumer bills, and approximately half of the households paid between $60 and $90 monthly.

Exploring Internet Service Options in Tarrytown

Many ISPs cater to Tarrytown residents and offer unique promos and guarantees. Choosing the best internet service can help improve your online experience, whether for work or play.