Internet Service Providers in Lowell

Lowell Internet Service Providers

Families love the mix of tradition and modern amenities in the city of Lowell. Located 34 minutes north of Boston, the town has a vibe that is quite unique, friendly and fun. The area is filled with restaurants, chains, shopping, bars and coffee shops. Modern features make it an exciting place to work and live. Finding internet service providers in Lowell may take a bit of legwork but you’ll find ample options. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Lowell

Lowell has a number of familiar names, many crossing over from the larger city of Boston to the suburbs. 

  • Earthlink 
  • Xfinity 
  • Verizon Home Internet 
  • Hughesnet 
  • Viasat 

Not all providers are in all areas of the town. You might also find options such as Starlink and other satellite providers. Starlink uses an orbiting satellite to connect rural communities to the internet. Starlink speeds reach around 100 mbps, which doesn’t compare with fiber but may be the only option for some households. Depending on how close you are to a cellular tower, you might also be able to use a hot spot on your phone. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Lowell

The cost of various internet service providers in Lowell is similar to the rates you’ll see in the larger city of Boston. The rates below are from each provider’s website or another viable source for the Lowell area. Other areas may have higher or lower fees. 

For each of the providers above, we went with the smallest, least expensive package. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Lowell

The options for high-speed internet are adequate for an area of the size of Lowell. Since it is in the suburbs, some of the town’s locations are a bit more rural, which limits the number of providers. 

One would expect to see a few more high-speed options with the town being so close to a major city such as Boston. However, most will find that the options are more than adequate for their internet provider needs in Lowell. Earthlink, Xfinity and Verizon Home Internet will offer the highest speeds possible in the area. 

Is Fios Available in Lowell, MA?

Out of the different internet service providers in Lowell, only Xfinity and Verizon offer fiber cable at this time. Fiber is going to offer the fastest connections of any option out there. However, other providers may offer speeds that serve the needs of the average homeowner. 

You may run into trouble if you’re working from home, trying to attend video conferences or streaming a lot of data heavy content. Fios providers are trying to attain the speed of light for providing service and are close to reaching those goals. 

Who Has the Best WIFI for Home?

Since most providers offer an option for WIFI or a way to add your own router and achieve home WIFI, narrowing down the options to the best is complex.

Higher speeds will likely give you the ability to have multiple household members on devices at the same time without a reduction in service. For the best WIFI, look for fiber internet options. 

What Are the Fastest Internet Speeds in Massachusetts?

The fastest internet service providers in Lowell will also be those offering Fios. Xfinity is an excellent option if you’re looking for a package deal with home cable and phone services. If fiber isn’t available in your area, you’ll need to stretch to cellular providers or satellite services such as Hughesnet. 

Look for plans you aren’t tied into long term. If the service isn’t what you expected, you can always try a different option to get the best internet service provider in Lowell for your needs. 

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