Internet Service Providers in Springfield

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Are you looking for the best internet service providers in Springfield?

Springfield is the third-largest city in Massachusetts, with over 150,000 residents. The city’s roots go back almost 400 years to Agawam Plantation, and the site served as a national armory during the Revolutionary War. Springfield rifles were also first manufactured in this city.

In the modern era, residents of Springfield have access to broadband internet across 100% of the city. Read on to find the best internet service provider for your household in Springfield, Massachusetts.

How Many Internet Providers Are in Springfield?

Springfield has 100% high-speed internet coverage across the city, matching the rest of the state. However, competition between internet service providers in the city is low.

There are currently six internet service providers that serve residents in Springfield. Internet options include cable, DSL, and satellite connections. Fiber internet is slowly making its way into the area but is currently only available for businesses.

Internet Providers Near Me in Springfield

Although Springfield has 100% access to the internet, not all service providers cover every part of the city. Here is a list of the top six internet providers in the area, as well as the percentage of the city they cover:

  • Xfinity – 87.33%
  • Verizon – 86.77%
  • HughesNet – 72.47%
  • Viasat – 69.63%
  • EarthLink – 39%
  • Spectrum – 23%

Before you start comparing prices and package options, check to see which service providers cover your area. These percentages are subject to change as company networks continue to grow.

High-Speed Internet Options in Springfield

Although fiber internet connections are not yet available to residents in Springfield, there are several other options for high-speed internet across the city. Here are the five top fastest internet connection options in Springfield:

  • Xfinity – 2 Gbps
  • Spectrum – 100 Mbps
  • Viasat – 100 Mbps
  • EarthLink – 75 Mbps
  • HughesNet – 25 Mbps

Most households only require 25-100 Mbps for their internet use. However, gamers and remote workers should consider plans with faster streaming speeds to accommodate their lifestyles. Remember to consider both upload and download speed.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Springfield

In addition to streaming and download speeds, internet service also varies by monthly cost. Here are five of the cheapest internet service providers in Springfield:

  • EarthLink – $49.95
  • Spectrum – $49.99
  • Xfinity – $50.00+
  • HughesNet – $59.99
  • Viasat – $60.00

The price of each internet package partially depends on the streaming speed you select. If you’re interested in several services, remember to check for bundle rates – some providers may combine multiple services for a lower rate.

What Are the Highly Rated Internet Service Providers in Springfield?

Online reviews for individual service providers only include small companies, Verizon, and Xfinity. According to Yelp, the highest-rated local store with the most reviews is the Verizon store located on Riverdale, with three stars and nine reviews.

Because reviews are limited, the best way to find an excellent service provider in Springfield is to talk to other residents about their experiences. Reach out to local Facebook groups or talk to friends and neighbors in the area to find out which internet service provider is most trusted.

Best Internet Service in Springfield

The best internet service provider for you depends on several individual factors, including location, price point, and streaming speeds. To find your ideal service provider, start by considering your priorities and how you plan to use the internet.

Consider the number of streaming devices in your household, as well as each individual’s streaming needs. Then, narrow your options by location. Finally, you can compare speeds and price points to find the best overall package.

Connect With Internet Service Providers in Springfield

The six different options for internet service providers in Springfield offer packages that vary by location, speed, and cost. Because 100% of Springfield has internet access, residents shouldn’t have any trouble finding the best internet provider for their area.

Before choosing an internet provider, always refer to the company website for any changes in plans or pricing. There’s no better time than now to connect in Springfield.