Internet Service Providers in Grand Rapids

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Looking for internet service providers in Grand Rapids?

The internet is essential for finding key information for work or entertainment. However, when it comes to finding your ideal internet service, you have options. You want to find a plan that works with your budget and usage needs. Here are some of the common internet service providers in Grand Rapids.

Internet Providers Near Me in Grand Rapids

Michigan residents have access to many types of internet, such as wireless, DSL, and fiber. They can also choose from a few different providers. With lots of choices, it can be hard to narrow down a company. Here are some popular internet service providers in Grand Rapids and the speeds they offer in Mbps (megabits per second) or Gbps (gigabits per second).


Xfinity offers both internet and cable. You can get up to 600 Mbps starting at $50 per month. So, you can quickly browse the internet and stream your favorite shows. You can also add a free Flex 4K streaming television box and voice remote. The box also provides popular streaming services, such as Peacock.


They provide fiber internet plans starting at $45 per month with speeds up to 500 Mbps. With the plan, you can binge movies and television shows or play online games. You also have access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspot Network, so you can have a reliable connection no matter where you are.


EarthLink offers fast internet speeds starting at $45.95 per month. You can get download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. The plan also includes no data caps. You can then listen to music, watch movies, and get work done all with a faster connection.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Grand Rapids

Price is one of the top factors when picking an internet plan, especially if you have a larger family. Xfinity is one of the cheapest internet service providers in Grand Rapids. Their plans start as low as $20 per month and offer speeds of 50 Mbps. This speed is good for using multiple devices at once.

AT&T is another cheap internet option, offering speeds of 300 Mbps starting at $35 per month. They provide reliable internet with no annual contracts, meaning you can easily change your plan.

High-speed Internet Options in Grand Rapids

Spectrum offers speeds up to 1 Gbps, starting at $109.99 per month. With faster speeds, you can quickly search for information and video chat with friends. The plan also offers no data caps and a free modem.

AT&T also provides high-speed internet. They offer speeds up to 1,000 Mbps starting at $60 per month. So, it’s perfect for telecommuting and powering all your smart devices.

Which Provider Offers the Best Internet Service in Grand Rapids, MI?

AT&T is one of the best internet service providers in Grand Rapids. They provide affordable deals and fast internet speeds. Plus, they offer fiber optic technology, which is usually faster than cable. 

Does Michigan Have Good internet?

Michigan offers multiple high-speed internet options. In fact, 91% of people experience speeds of 100 Mbps or higher. AT&T and Xfinity are popular choices for their affordability and speed.

Is AT&T the Cheapest Internet Provider in Grand Rapids?

For those on a budget, AT&T’s basic plans are cheaper than other services. They also have reliable options for small to mid-sized businesses. Their basic plans provide audio and video streaming and 24/7 tech support. However, there are other affordable options, such as Xfinity. You can also bundle your television to further cut costs.

Top Internet Service Providers in Grand Rapids

Finding reliable and affordable internet is essential for the modern household. We now work and entertain ourselves all online. However, selecting your internet company should be a thought-out decision. Determine your budget and what daily tasks you use the internet for. To make an informed decision, review this list of the top internet providers in Grand Rapids. Then be sure to learn all the details of the plan before signing up.

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