Internet Service Providers in Lafayette

Lafayette Internet Service Providers

The Hub City has a rich history of diversity. Does it also offer plenty of options regarding internet connectivity? When moving to the Cajun Country, learn about the most dependable internet service providers in Lafayette to get the most bang for your buck.

Internet Providers Near Me in Lafayette

Good news for aspiring Lafayette residents — various local and national internet vendors operate in the city. Service availability may still vary by neighborhood, but these are your safest bets:

  • Acadiana Broadband
  • AT&T
  • Brightspeed
  • Cajun Broadband
  • Cox
  • Hughesnet
  • Kaptel
  • LUS Fiber
  • Starlink
  • T-Mobile
  • Trinity Communications
  • Viasat

The Lafayette Parish gives you access to a wide range of wired and wireless internet solutions. Rest assured, a service provider can satisfy your unique needs.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Lafayette

If you’re particular about cost, consider the following vendors:

  1. Viasat ($8.99/mo)
  2. Acadiana Broadband ($30-$110/month)
  3. Trinity Communications ($49-$89/month)
  4. Kaptel ($50/month)
  5. Brightspeed ($50-59/month)
  6. Cox ($50-$109.99/month)
  7. AT&T ($55-$80/month)
  8. LUS Fiber ($59.95-$84.95/month)
  9. Cajun Broadband ($59-$175/month)
  10. Starlink ($120/month)

Of all the notable internet service providers in Lafayette, Hughesnet is the only one that doesn’t directly advertise its plans and prices. You’d generally have to call an 877 number to get a quote.

However, the Germantown, Maryland-headquartered company has teamed up with Acadiana Broadband, which offers its satellite internet service for $64.99-$154.99 monthly to anyone who needs an always-on connection.

Moreover, T-Mobile’s internet-only plan usually costs $60 monthly but may come with a limited-time discount for new subscribers in The Flats.

High-Speed Internet Options in Lafayette

If you don’t mind paying a premium for faster internet connection speeds for high-bandwidth activities, these are the top internet service providers in Lafayette to consider:

  1. LUS Fiber (350Mbps-1Gbps)
  2. AT&T (300Mbps-1Gbps)
  3. Cox (100Mbps-1Gbps)
  4. Brightspeed (100-940Mbps)
  5. Kaptel (100Mbps)
  6. T-Mobile (72-245Mbps)
  7. Starlink (48-111Mbps)
  8. Cajun Broadband (25-500Mbps)
  9. Viasat (25-100Mbps)
  10. Acadiana Broadband (5-40Mbps via Cajun Broadband)
  11. Trinity Communications (5-15Mbps)

Again, Hughesnet is secretive about its speeds. Even Acadiana Broadband — its local partner — only mentions 15-100GB data caps across its plans.

What Is a Good Internet Speed?

Ookla considers 40-100Mbps to be a good internet connection speed range. It’s workable for streaming high-definition games and videos in 4K.

However, you need a faster internet speed when doing more data-hungry activities, like downloading huge files. If you need to connect more than 13 devices to the internet like an average American, a speed north of 1Gbps may be necessary to do anything you want.

Does Louisiana Have Good Internet?

Louisiana has decent internet infrastructure. It ranks 33rd in broadband ecosystem strength nationwide, recording an average speed of 109.4Mbps.

Does Louisiana Have Fiber Internet?

Yes, fiber internet is available in Louisiana. Fiber-optic cables comprise the infrastructure of many internet service providers operating in the state, including AT&T, Brightspeed, Cajun Broadband, Cox,  Kaptel, LUS Fiber and Trinity Communications.

The Louisiana government relies on fiber internet to close the digital divide by 2029, but the service cost can be burdensome. Typical broadband packages set consumers back $50-$70 monthly, which can be out of reach of many households. Only Trinity Communications offers a residential internet plan below this range, but it’s just a dollar cheaper and promises merely 5Mbps and 2Mbps download and upload speeds, respectively.

Create a Shorter List of Internet Service Providers in Lafayette

Cost and speed are a given, but other factors also matter when comparing internet vendors. Reliability, customer service quality and add-ons are just as vital. Identify your unique needs while keeping critical considerations in mind to narrow your options down to a few until you find the most suitable fit.

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