Internet Service Providers in Waterbury

Waterbury Internet Service providers

In Waterbury, lightning-fast internet speeds are within everyone’s reach. Whether you’re looking to boost your business productivity or elevate your gaming experience, the city offers various internet service providers in Waterbury to cater to your needs. Explore the available options to find your perfect match while considering factors like pricing and speed.

Internet Providers Near Me in Waterbury

Whether you’re planning to switch or subscribe to a new internet plan, knowing your choices is essential to finding which service best fits your needs. Here are some of the best internet service providers in Waterbury:

  • EarthLink
  • Viasat
  • Frontier Fiber
  • Verizon 5G Home
  • Xfinity
  • Hughesnet
  • Starlink
  • Always ON
  • GoNetspeed
  • Wonderwave Internet

Cheapest Internet Providers in Waterbury

Most ISPs in Waterbury offer cheap options ranging from $10-$35 for relatively average speeds, usually around 75-100 Mbps. This speed is enough for light internet usage at home, such as basic video streaming, browsing and remote work, which entails simple tasks such as working on an online spreadsheet. Review these affordable plans from the following ISPs:

  • Xfinity: Enjoy plans you can get for as low as $9.95 per month
  • Frontier: Cheap plan prices start at $29.99 per month
  • Verizon 5G Home: Spend for as low as $35 per month

High-Speed Internet Options in Waterbury

Are you tired of slow speeds? You’re not alone. In fact, a 2023 survey showed that customers are dissatisfied with ISPs. The study also found that fiber is more reliable and offers a lesser risk of disruptions during peak usage hours. Fiber plans are more expensive than cable internet services, but they are a worthwhile investment, especially if a steady and fast internet connection is crucial to your daily activities.

Here are the ISPs in Waterbury offering speedy connections:

  • Frontier: Fiber internet that offers speeds up to 5 Gbps 
  • Xfinity: Up to 2 Gbps
  • Viasat: Up to 150 Mbps

Which Is the Best Internet for Rural Areas?

People living in metropolitan areas have more ISP options and are more likely to enjoy strong connections. Meanwhile, those living in rural settings only have a few ISPs catering to them. According to Forbes, T-Mobile Home Internet is the best ISP for rural areas, offering plans for as low as $55 per month for customers who choose automatic payments. However, its services are not yet available in Waterbury, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a stable connection.

HughesNet and Verizon 5G, reliable brands offering stable connections, are also considered great ISPs in rural areas, offering speeds from 25-300 Mbps.

How Much Is Wi-Fi per Month in Connecticut?

Wireless home internet connection is available via Verizon’s 5G plan, which costs $35 per month. Frontier also offers the same service, with plan prices starting at $29.99. Considering their price points and speed potential, you can enjoy a stable internet connection at home.

Is 75 Mbps Good?

It depends on your daily online activities. 75 Mbps performs well in console gaming and mobile gaming if you play games. However, more intensive online games require faster speeds. 

75 Mbps is more than enough when streaming your favorite TV shows and movies. According to Netflix, you need at least 15 Mbps to stream Ultra High Definition (UHD) content. You should also consider the number of devices connected to your network at the same time. For instance, 75 Mbps might be insufficient if you live with four people constantly using the Internet for various purposes.

Your Guide to Internet Service Providers in Waterbury

Waterbury might lack a variety of ISPs compared to other cities, but there’s always a plan that fits your budget and activity. With the information above, you can search for the right ISP that best meets your speed requirements.

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