Best Apps for College Students That Don’t Involve Studying

December 3, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


Finding the best apps for college students might not seem like a good idea, especially when many students have heard the old phrase that when you’re in school, studying is your full-time job. But apps don’t have to be a distraction.

While taking classes does require most of your time, modern students have other things going on as well. You might work a couple of extra gigs, volunteer or complete internships to buff out your post-college resume.

At the end of the day, you might not have much time for anything other than studying and working. It’s exhausting, but apps can actually help you get more done without requiring free time in your busy schedule.

Check out these best apps for college students that have nothing to do with studying. They’ll make your life easier, which is something many of you need. Try them out to see which is best for you and your routine.

1. Uber

Sometimes you need a ride and don’t have anyone to call. Your car may break down and require costly repairs, or you could stay out later than usual on a Friday night. Either way, you can always download Uber and pay for a ride to wherever you need to go.

Uber is one of the best apps for college students. People all around the world use it as an affordable rideshare option. Consider makeing a profile and keep it on your phone just in case you need a ride.

2. MyFitnessPal

Your health goals may change throughout your college experience. When you started your freshman year, your only concern may have been to enjoy pizza bites and mac and cheese whenever you got hungry. Now you might want to learn more about what healthy eating means or how to lose your freshman fifteen.

MyFitnessPal is the perfect app for your health goal needs. You can track everything from how often you exercise to the macros you eat, depending on how detailed you want to get in your fitness plan. There is a paid option for expanded features, but many people use the free version for years with no complaint.

3. Walmart Grocery

College students are the prime audience for food delivery services, but most of the time, those services cost more than they’re worth. Students on a tight budget can’t pay $10-$15 per meal or expensive delivery fees — that’s what makes Walmart Grocery one of the best apps for college students.

Instead, try the Walmart Grocery app the next time you run out of food. You get the same prices on everything that you’d find in the store, plus there’s no fee to place an order. Put your groceries in your digital cart, select the day and time of your pickup, and you’re good to go.

Grab your groceries on the way home from the library or after your work shift so you don’t need to spend time wandering around the store.

4. Mint

It isn’t easy living on a budget, especially when you’re out on your own for the first time. College students juggle paying bills, dealing with financial aid and finding fun money all while taking classes.

Lighten your stress load a bit by making a Mint budget through the company’s app. You can budget with any sized income for free. Plan your future financial goals or use it to give a job to every dollar you earn.

5. Pocket Yoga

Between classes and paying your bills, you might not be able to drive to the local yoga studio regularly. Pocket Yoga can fix that, since it offers multiple yoga sessions for anyone who downloads the app. There are no required in-app purchases, and there are classes for everyone from beginners to experts. There’s also a cartoon instructor who models every pose so you don’t get lost.

6. Feedly

Students always have something to do, especially if they’re in their later college years. It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in the world, but not when you have Feedly.

Feedly is an app where you can follow all the news on world events, entertainment and so much more. You can bookmark the latest articles to save them for later or export them to your other favorite apps, like Evernote, for easy sharing.

The Best Apps for College Students Make Life Easier

College is challenging for everyone, but you can make life easier by downloading apps like these. Order your groceries ahead of time, practice yoga for stress relief and budget your money wisely. You’ll find it easier to breathe and relax between responsibilities, which is a much more enjoyable way to spend time while you earn your degree.