How to Reset Vizio TV

May 2, 2024 • Zachary Amos


Vizio is an excellent option for you and your family to invest in a new TV. With dozens of TVs, Vizio has tons of TV options that can fit your entertainment needs. Vizio TVs are notorious for allowing users to customize their TVs and add favorite channels and streaming services to their dashboards. With different customizable options and tons of use, it is common for Vizio TVs to develop problems regarding their functionality. 

Just like other forms of technology, Vizio TVs need to be reset for various reasons. Whether purchasing a new TV for you and your family or savoring your current one, knowing how to reset Vizio TV is necessary for troubleshooting and fixing issues. 

Why Is A Reset Necessary?

Performing a reset on your Vizio TV might be necessary to fix a specific issue you are having. There are many reasons why you may need to reset your TV, but the most common reasons include:

App or Software Issues

App or software issues may result in your TV crashing, freezing or not responding correctly. With a reset, this can promote better app and software performance by giving it the reset necessary to fix glitches.

Display or Sound Problems

If your TV’s sound is not aligning with the display or is not working, a reset can help catch your display and sound up to one another, allowing the quality to enhance drastically.

Random Restarting

With all technology, devices might push for a self-restart when updating or fixing an underlying issue. If your Vizio TV continuously tries to restart itself, a simple reset might help the technology update itself and stop random restarts. 

Unresponsive TV

An unresponsive TV may include command delays from your remote control to your TV. A reset can restore your TV and remote to promote function.

Network Connecting Problems

Like its competitors, Vizio designs smart TVs compatible with streaming services when your TV connects to the internet. If your TV cannot connect to the internet and troubleshooting your streaming service is not helping, a TV reset may be necessary.

Forgotten Settings or Passwords

If you forgot your passwords to your TV’s parental controls or other settings, a reset can remove all data and allow you to reprogram your TV with a different password. 

Slow Performance

If your TV is performing slowly and not loading, this could be due to temporary files and settings. Performing a reset can help resolve this issue and give your TV a performance boost. 

Types of TV Resets

Knowing how to reset Vizio TV is vital to ensure your TV performs at its best. However, two types of reset options for Vizio TV include:

  • Power cycle reset
  • Factory data reset

A power cycle reset is a common reset for all types of technology. You must unplug your TV from its power source for a short time and then plug it back in to perform a power cycle reset successfully. This reset is common for fixing temporary glitches and giving your TV a break to catch itself up. 

Deciding to factory reset your TV is a last resort to resetting your TV. This reset involves losing data from your TV, logins to streaming networks and TV preferences will be lost. When deciding to perform a factory reset on your Vizio TV, it is essential to perform the power cycle reset first and then confirm that the problem is still present. 

How to Reset Vizio TV: Factory Reset

A factory reset on your Vizio TV is the last option to fix any technical issues your TV may be having. Depending on the model of your TV, the factory reset steps may be slightly different. The typical steps to successfully restore your TV to its original factory settings include the following steps:

  • Click the Menu or Settings option on your TV
  • Click the System option (you can bypass this step with certain TVs)
  • Click Admin & Privacy
  • Select “Reset to Factory Settings”

After navigating through your TV to select the option to factory reset your TV, a few more items will pop up for you to address. Those items include:

  • Depending on if you set a system code, you will enter it after selecting “Reset to Factory Settings.”
  • A message will display: “Select Reset to restore all TV settings to factory defaults.”
  • Once you see this message, you will scroll to “Reset” and press OK
  • The TV will then turn off and turn on again to start the factory reset process

Again, it is vital to remember that once you initiate the reset process on your TV, there is no way to recover the lost data. 

What Happens After a Factory Reset

Once complete, your TV will return to the same settings that were present with its initial unboxing. When your TV is ready to use, click around to see if the problem that led to the factory reset is still present. 

It may take time for the problem to resurface. Take the time after your TV completes its reset to reorganize and install all of the settings and channels on your TV. If the problem persists, it may be time to contact Vizio customer service to gain insight from a TV professional. 

The Benefits of Resetting A Vizio TV

Knowing how to reset Vizio TV is a great way to cut repair and replacement costs. When performing both a power cycle and factory reset allows you to fix your TV’s issues on your own. After executing all reset options, you will be able to gain a better understanding of what the next steps might be. 

Do not buy a new TV or call a TV repair company when a malfunction occurs! Use this guide to determine the reset your TV needs. If a reset is necessary, use this article as a reference for a quick factory reset to ensure you save time and money fixing your TV’s problem on your own. 

TVs provide a source of relaxation and stress relief for their owners. Don’t let a simple issue prevent you from taking the time you deserve!