5 Augmented Reality Apps for Interior Design

August 10, 2021 • Zachary Amos


Interior design can be a tricky undertaking. Even those with an eye for style may find it challenging to envision exactly what a space may look like after certain changes. Thankfully, augmented reality (AR) can make it easier.

AR interior design apps can show you what a paint color, piece of furniture or other change would look like in a given space. They can save you some headaches by removing the guesswork from interior design. Here’s a look at five of the most helpful AR apps you can use.

5 augmented reality apps for interior design

1. Houzz

If you’re unsure where to start with interior design, you may want to check out Houzz. It’s an all-in-one app that millions of home professionals use to get ideas, shop for materials or find experts. Its augmented reality feature, “View in My Room 3D,” lets you see how different decor items would look in your room.

Unlike more basic features, this AR visualizing tool accounts for lighting. That way, you can see exactly how something will appear in your room.

2. Dulux Visualizer

Paint company Dulux released an app called Visualizer that uses AR to help you find the right color. You can choose one in the app, then hold your phone up to see how it would look on your wall. It even accounts for TVs, picture frames and other wall-hanging decorations, so it doesn’t “paint” over them.

Using this app can take the guesswork out of picking a color. It also includes a feature where you can photograph something to find a similarly colored paint.

3. IKEA Place

Furniture giant IKEA has an augmented reality app called Place you can use to make informed choices. Like Houzz, it lets you place a digital rendering of a piece of furniture in a view of your room. The models are true to scale and color, providing a reliable picture of what they’d look like in a given space.

IKEA Place does a good job of anchoring virtual furniture, letting you walk around and view it from various angles.

4. MagicPlan

Interior design involves more than just selecting the right furniture and paint. You’ll also need to know the dimensions of a room, which is where MagicPlan comes in. This construction and floor planning app uses AR to provide measurements and create digital blueprints.

All you have to do with MagicPlan is tell it where the corners are, then move it around the room. After that, it will produce a surprisingly accurate layout of the space, helping you determine what will fit. It also includes a feature to estimate the cost of things like retiling or wallpapering.

5. DecorMatters

Many augmented reality apps let you see specific pieces of furniture in a room, but DecorMatters goes further. The app, which has garnered more than 6 million users, allows you to visualize an entire design or layout in your room. You can either create your own project or view other users’ plans in your space.

DecorMatters provides an AR ruler to ensure you have the right dimensions. When you decide on a layout, it also includes a store to buy the furniture you’ve pieced together in your virtual design.

Augmented Reality Interior Design Apps Are Everywhere

Augmented reality has made interior design far more approachable. No matter your goals, one of these augmented reality apps for interior design can help you visualize and plan your new strategy.

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