How to Transfer a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

April 25, 2024 • Devin Partida


Having access to music has become more of a necessity than ever before. Users can now access unlimited songs at their fingertips through apps like Spotify and Apple Music . As access to music becomes easier, users create playlists for every type of mood, situation or experience.

The popularity of playlists is growing as giving a personality and purpose to each list becomes easier. Many users share their playlists on social media platforms for others to enjoy. A vast platform music lovers use to create playlists to share with the world is Spotify Music. If you prefer Apple Music over Spotify, you can still enjoy Spotify playlists by transferring your favorite lists to your Apple Music account.

Benefits of Music Playlists

Creating playlists not only helps you organize your music but also allows you to use music purposefully. Categorizing your music into playlists can help motivate, soothe, or help keep track of time when working on a task.

Whether you create your own playlist or download from others, it puts you in a positive mindset and helps you become more productive at work. Organizing your music can ensure that the music you are listening to is appropriate for your setting and helps you to channel the appropriate mindset for the tasks you are completing.

Why Transfer A Playlist? 

A significant benefit of transferring a playlist is limiting the number of music subscriptions you pay for. A common misconception is that playlists on Spotify are only available to Spotify subscribers. This misunderstanding may result in listeners switching music providers or paying for two subscriptions. 

Spotify is a popular music streaming service, but only some users prefer Spotify over Apple Music. If you decide to switch to Apple Music, transferring playlists allows you to save your hard work. Many users create their own playlists for different reasons. Knowing how to transfer a playlist from Spotify to Apple Music saves time and ensures you do not have to rebuild the content accumulated over the years.

Transferring from Spotify to Apple Music lets you keep up with current music trends. TikTok, a popular social media site, has tons of playlist suggestions by millions of users.Suppose you want to explore new releases or genres. In that case, Spotify playlists can transfer to your Apple Music subscription without you having to manually download and search for every song from the playlist you want to explore. 

Tools to Transfer Playlists

Transferring a playlist from one provider to another is a simple and quick process that every music lover should know. After deciding to change from Spotify to Apple Music, the next step is understanding how to transfer all your playlists from one provider to the next. A  third-party music transfer app is necessary to transfer all music data successfully. Some top music transfer apps include:


SongShift is a third-party app available in free and subscription versions. The free version allows users to transfer music from one provider to another. Still, a subscription allows users to share playlists with family and friends who have alternative music services. 

This app supports transfers from Spotify to Apple Music and different music and playlists from other music providers. Once you create an account, SongShift can transfer all music in three simple steps.

Free Your Music

Like SongShift, Free Your Music can also transfer music and playlists from Spotify to Apple Music and to different music providers such as Amazon Music and Pandora. 

Free Your Music is not available in a free version but has three plan options, including cloud backup and supporting different platforms for listeners. These plans range in price but benefit users constantly downloading music from different providers.


Soundiiz can also transfer different playlists from one music provider to another through different subscription plans. Though Soundiiz is available in a free version, it limits the number of playlists a user can transfer. The site suggests that users wanting to complete a one-time transfer pay for a monthly subscription and then immediately cancel. 

It is important to note that music transfer apps appeal to different audiences. Consider if you are constantly downloading playlists from different social media sites or completing a one-time transfer as you decide which app to use. Also, it is essential to check for compatibility with desktops, mobile phones and tablets, depending on the device you want to complete the transfer from.

Completing a Playlist Transfer

Once you choose a third-party app, transferring your  Spotify playlist to Apple Music will be quick and easy. The steps to complete your transfer may vary depending on the app, but every playlist transfer includes the following steps:

  • Complete the download of your music transfer app.
  • Create a profile in the music transfer app and sync your Spotify and Apple Music accounts.
  • Pick the playlists, songs and albums you want to transfer from Spotify to Apple Music.
  • Review that the playlists transfer successfully on your Apple Music account and fix any matching issues in your transfer app. 
  • Complete the transfer and check your Apple Music account to confirm that all playlists, songs and albums are present.

Remember that some transfer apps require a subscription to transfer all playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. If you purchase an app to complete a one-time transfer, cancel your subscription once your playlists successfully transfer. 

Transfer Complete

If you are still deciding if it is worth the time and money to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music, remember the time and energy that making a playlist requires. You have been organizing your music into relevant playlists since the start of your Spotify subscription. Why do it again?

After finding the perfect music transfer app and deciding what will follow you to your Apple Music account, you have successfully have all your important playlists ready to use! Now you can enjoy all the same playlists while getting to know your new music provider.

Save your free time for enjoying your music, not organizing it, by transferring your Spotify playlists to your Apple Music account today.