New Week Motivation: 20 Work Playlists

June 19, 2019 • Rehack Team


Music is the soundtrack to life, which is why so many people have put together public playlists. They’re meant to help you get through the day with a positive frame of mind, which can change how you experience your whole week.

Unless you love finding new music in your free time, you may not have many playlists put together for yourself. It does take time to find all the right songs, but you don’t have to worry about doing that on your own.

Find yourself some new week motivation by checking out these top playlists. They’ll have you cruising through even the toughest parts of your work week, and they could even help you be more productive when you want to get the most done.

1. Sing Along With Bops

Anyone who has a long commute or deals with traffic every day knows how draining it can be to sit in your car. All you have is yourself and the steering wheel, with plenty of time to be alone with frustrated thoughts that only sour your mood.

No Monday morning should ever have to start with stop and go traffic, at least not in silence. That’s the perfect time to introduce yourself to a new playlist that will at least help you have some fun while you wait at your usual intersections.

Try the Songs to Sing Along With playlist that’s free to listen to and constantly updated with the latest bops. You’ll find at least a few songs in there you already know, and you’ll be able to learn a few new ones too so you can sing the latest songs with the best of them.

2. Lift Yourself Up

Don’t let a frustrating day get you down when you could press play on a positive playlist. The Lift Yourself Up tracks are naturally encouraging and fun, which everyone needs a little more of in their everyday lives.

3. Pump Up Events

Leading an event anytime soon? Even the best workplace or public events could use a little background music. Pump up events with this playlist meant to help everyone have more fun, even in something small like a workplace icebreaker game.

4. Increase the Fun

Even if you do what you love, sometimes the week can be difficult to get through. Hellen Keller once said this inspiring quote: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.” Put a little extra effort into finding the sunshine during a rough week and you won’t worry as much about the negative things in life.

The right playlist is the perfect way to help you do that, which is why you should try the Daily Lift tracks. These upbeat pop jams will make sure there’s a smile on your face and plenty of sunshine to go around.

5. Beat the Sunday Scaries

People with stressful jobs often face the Sunday scaries, which are the nerves that keep you from sleeping or feeling good during a Sunday night. Conquer your fears with this triumphant playlist. Put together by a professional radio DJ, there’s no way it won’t help you rest easy on a Sunday night.

6. Find Monday Motivation

Get right to the point by turning on a Monday Motivation playlist. It has hits by Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and more, so there’s a little something for everyone.

7. Hip Hop the Day Away

Listen to this hip hop playlist and you’ll get pumped up for anything. Whether you’re about to walk into a big meeting or a tough gym session, these songs will have you ready to push through and conquer whatever lies ahead.

8. Jam on Monday Morning

Don’t get to your job and then work away in silence. Pop some headphones on and jam to this playlist. With 69 songs to play through, you could listen to it well past your lunch break.

9. Go Back in Time

Need some music that will refresh you before you head back in for another workday afternoon? Go back in time and listen to all the biggest hits from the 70s, like “Here You Come Again” and “Somebody to Love.”

10. Transport Your Mind

Motivate yourself by transporting your mind to where you want to go on your next vacation — California. You’ll get through all the workdays standing in your way and then experience the Golden State for yourself.

11. Motivate and Hustle

Want an extra boost in productivity? Speed up your work pace by listening to a hustle playlist. Artists like Drake and Cardi B won’t let you slog through another round of work tasks for a single minute with their classic hits.

12. Pump Up Your Morning

If you find yourself needing some help to push yourself through another day, pump up your morning with a playlist put together by motivational podcast speakers. This playlist is updated weekly, so you’ll always have something new to listen to.

13. Increase Your Speed

When you listen to songs that were made with a faster beat, you’ll naturally work faster along with it. Be more productive by increasing your work speed with this playlist that’s meant to keep you moving. Listen to it at the end of your work day when you’re finishing up projects and it’ll help you transition right into your afternoon workout.

14. Watch the Clock

One Spotify user made this 9 to 5 playlist for those who need to grind out some work while they’re on the clock. Make sure to watch the time pass while you listen to it, as the day will zip by with these fun hits.

15. Hone Your Focus

A great way to really focus in on what you need to do is to listen to piano covers. You’ll still be able to recognize each song that plays, but there won’t be any words to distract you from the task you’re trying to accomplish.

16. Celebrate Your Class

Anyone who has to lead classes, whether they’re grade school or in a professional environment, knows that there’s a balance you have to find in order to play appropriate music that’s also fun. Celebrate your class and their hard work with this playlist that’s safe for all classroom environments.

17. Jam to Movie Tracks

If you fill your free time with all the latest movies, you’ll love jamming to movie tracks. They’ll remind you of all your favorite movie moments, lifting your spirit to conquer another work week.

18. Love on Yourself

When your work week gets frustrating, you might be tempted to feel bad about yourself. Remind yourself that self love is everything by listening to this inspiring playlist. Give yourself some extra love, because you’re doing your best and you will accomplish what you put your mind to.

19. Channel Inner Success

Remind yourself of your ability to succeed by channeling inner success with an encouraging playlist. These songs will help you feel like you can conquer the world, no matter what lies in your way.

20. Get Into Study Mode

Sometimes you have to study to get better at what you do, which is when you should get into study mode. This mix of upbeat and mellow songs will catch all your feels, so you can move through your study material like you were born to do it.

Explore New Music

There will be new songs on any playlist that you don’t create yourself, so encourage yourself to explore them. The new genres and songs will refresh your mind and spirit, pushing you to knock another work week out of the park.