23 Spotify Podcasts Guaranteed to Eradicate Boredom

April 12, 2024 • Zachary Amos


There are over 5 million podcasts on Spotify, so finding something worth listening to takes a while. Luckily for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting and rounded up the best the platform has to offer. Here are over 20 of the best Spotify podcasts.

True Crime Spotify Podcasts 

Are you in the mood for something spine-chilling? Then, the true crime category is for you.

  1. Morbid

Focus: A lighthearted — but research-heavy — true crime podcast.

Here, two friends — Ash Kelley, the hairdresser and Alaina Urquhart, the autopsy tech — talk about true crime. Their deep dives cover everything from infamous killers to cold cases. Even though they throw in the odd joke, they make sure to respect the cases’ victims.

  1. Rotten Mango

Focus: True crime and spooky tales from a storytelling perspective.

Stephanie Soo, a popular South Korean Youtuber, discusses all things true crime, horror and supernatural here. She goes on short, funny tangents to keep things lighthearted, which makes it one of the best Spotify podcasts for squeamish listeners.

Comedy Spotify Podcasts 

Check out these Spotify podcasts if you don’t remember the last time you’ve had a good laugh.

  1. My Brother, My Brother, And Me

Focus: A pseudo-advice column prioritizing humor above all else.

Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy are three brothers who discuss and debate questions — like whether or not you should pee in the ocean — that are sent in by listeners. This podcast is funny and, at times, completely absurd.

  1. The Broski Report with Brittany Broski

Focus: A playful discussion of recent events and whatever enters Broski’s mind. 

Brittany Tomlinson — you might know her as Brittany Broski — went viral years ago for her interesting reaction to kombucha. Now, she’s collaborating with influencers, appearing on reality TV episodes and has nearly 11 million followers on TikTok. This podcast is an entertaining, hilarious look into her mind.

  1. We’re Here to Help

Focus: A lighthearted and humorous advice column.

The tagline for this podcast is “free advice that feels…free,” so you know it has to be good. Jake Johnson and Gareth Reynolds help listeners navigate their issues in a witty, lighthearted way. Sometimes, they’ll bring on an expert or another friend for some extra help.

Nerd Culture Spotify Podcasts 

If you’re into gaming, tech or Dungeons and Dragons — or all of the above — then you’ll want to listen to these Spotify podcasts.

  1. Dungeons and Daddies 

Focus: A tale of four fathers thrown into a high fantasy world.

In this narrative, four fathers enter a high fantasy world and embark on a quest to save their sons. It’s a fun, captivating listen, even if you’re unfamiliar with DnD. Note that this podcast contains profanity and violence — listen at your discretion. 

  1. RiskyBusiness

Focus: The latest cybersecurity news and developments.

This podcast’s host invites security experts and professionals with insider knowledge to discuss all things cybersecurity. A new hour-long episode is released once a week, making it one of the best Spotify podcasts to listen to if you want to stay in the know. 

  1. Critical Role

Focus: A narrative following one group’s journey playing a tabletop RPG. 

Critical Role is one of the best Spotify podcasts of all time. Don’t just take our word for it — it’s inspired a spinoff comic book and even has its own Netflix adaptation. Listen for a hilarious, engrossing and, at times, tear-jerking tale of friendship, fighting and romance. 

Self-Care Spotify Podcasts 

Everybody needs a little help sometimes. These self-care Spotify podcasts should be your go-to when you’re confused, lost or feeling down. 

  1. The Psychology of Your 20s

Focus: A frank, honest discussion of what life’s like in your 20s.

This podcast puts out one episode a week, talking about the psychology of being 20 years old. Listen to hear about things like the connection between social media and mental health, navigating the fear of intimacy and how to deal with career envy. 

  1. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Focus: A stream-of-consciousness discussion of whatever’s on Chamberlain’s mind.

Emma Chamberlain, a successful YouTuber, small business owner and voice actor, became famous for being relatable, friendly and frank. Her podcast amplifies every one of these qualities — you’ll hear about everything from her experience with mushrooms to her menstrual cycle.

  1. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Focus: An in-depth dive into meditation, psychedelics and science-based techniques.

This podcast’s host, Dan Harris, delved into the philosophy of happiness after experiencing a panic attack on live national TV. He talks with experts, scientists and celebrities about psychedelics and science-based anxiety relief to help you understand how to train to be happy. 

Educational Spotify Podcasts 

Do you need more conversation starters? Are you looking to broaden your worldview? If so, then educational Spotify podcasts are the place to go. 

  1. Stuff You Should Know

Focus: Strange facts, bizarre historical events and fascinating anecdotes.

This podcast has both 15-minute and hour-long episodes, so it’s worth a listen regardless of how much free time you have. You’ll learn about things like alien abductions, the science of breakups and history’s greatest traitors.

  1. Real Life Lore

Focus: Strange discoveries, geographical wonders and extraordinary historical events.

Here, you hear about the facts and details of some of the world’s greatest mysteries. If you’re a geography buff, this podcast is for you. You can hear about the world’s smallest island and every country England has invaded.

  1. Science Vs

Focus: Unblurs the boundary between fact and fiction in the modern age.

This is one of the best Spotify podcasts because it is practical, easy to listen to and enjoyable. Episodes cover the truth about things like 5G, dreams, anti-aging, vaping, personality tests, fasting diets or caffeine. 

Finance Spotify Podcasts 

Whether you’re considering investing in crypto or you need help navigating tax season, these finance-focused Spotify podcasts can help.

  1. Popcorn Finance 

Focus: Quick financial tips from people with insider knowledge.

Do you need to figure out how to file your taxes, deal with inflation or spot financial red flags — but you only have five minutes? If so, this podcast is perfect for you. It provides quick, concise financial advice in the time it takes to make microwave popcorn. 

  1. This Is Uncomfortable

Focus: How money impacts relationships, identities and everyday life.

Here, Marketplace’s Reema Khrais talks about money’s impact on everyday life. Episodes about topics like overspending, money fights and class divides will have you hooked. While she sometimes brings on experts, her average guest is an average person with a relatable story.

  1. Crypto Over Coffee

Focus: Breaking down complex crypto concepts into bite-sized chunks. 

This podcast’s host has a background in crypto, blockchain and fintech. He makes complicated topics more accessible to people without knowledge. Whether you want the latest news or need to address a potential misconception, this podcast should be your go-to. 

History Spotify Podcasts 

History doesn’t have to be boring. These Spotify podcasts use humor, stories and mind-blowing facts to draw you in and leave you wanting more.

  1. History That Doesn’t Suck 

Focus: Heavily-researched deep dives into American history.

This bi-weekly podcast is a self-described “hard-hitting” deep dive on American history. It’s told through a storytelling perspective, which makes it easier to digest. You’ll hear about everything from the legend of Sleepy Hollow to the strenuous lives of past presidents. 

  1. SawBones

Focus: A lighthearted, informative discussion about weird medical trends.

Justin McElroy and Dr. Sydnee McElroy uncover and discuss all the bizarre, repulsive and stupid medical practices they can find. Listen to hear about topics like gamer pills, snake oil cure-alls and alarming diseases. Sometimes, they even answer listener questions.

  1. Myths and Legends

Focus: Infamous and obscure myths and legends.

This educational podcast covers myths, legends and folklore from around the world. Some of its episodes cover Celtic folklore, dragons, Viking legends and ancient Greek mythology. If you’re a fan of history and storytelling, give it a listen. 

Entertainment Spotify Podcasts 

Whether you need noise to clean or are severely bored, these Spotify podcasts can help. 

  1. Sounds Like a Cult 

Focus: A tongue-in-cheek discussion on the modern-day cults everyone participates in.

Are you in a cult? While your first reaction might be no, this podcast will have you thinking otherwise. Listen to hear about modern-day “cults” like Lululemon, military wives, Rae Dunn, chiropractors, K-Pop and Disney adults. 

  1. Recipe Club 

Focus: A how-to for making the best version of certain dishes.

This isn’t your standard recipe podcast. Here, chef David Chang and others browse through millions of recipes to find the best way to make something. Are you making coffee right? How about pork chili? Listen to find out how to elevate your cooking skills.

  1. rSlash

Focus: A humorous voice-over of stories posted by Reddit users.

Do you like scrolling through Reddit but don’t have enough time to browse your favorite subreddits? This podcast’s host readings trending and obscure posts from subreddits like r/Prorevenge, r/Entitledparents and r/AITA. 

Consider Giving One of These Podcasts a Listen 

These are some of the best podcasts on Spotify. Whether you’re bored or need a new obsession, they can give you something to listen to in your spare time. Explore a few to see which one you like best.