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5 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts for Tech Gurus

March 21, 2023 • Zachary Amos


Cybersecurity is one of the essential areas in the tech industry and tech gurus must stay up-to-date with the latest trends, threats and solutions. According to experts, cybercrime will result in staggering yearly losses of $10.5 trillion by 2025. One of the best ways to prevent this is by catching up on the most recent news, listening to expert analysis or taking a deep dive into a significant cybersecurity story or idea, depending on what you’re looking for. Below are some of the best cybersecurity podcasts for tech gurus:

1.  Security Now

Security Now is one of the most popular and longest-running cybersecurity podcasts, hosted by tech expert Steve Gibson and security researcher Leo Laporte. The podcast covers various cybersecurity topics, from vulnerability and exploits to encryption and privacy.  It is a fantastic resource for tech experts who want to keep up with the most recent security news and trends.

Both audio and video versions of new episodes of Security Now are broadcast live on Tuesdays before being posted on the same night. The podcast has over 30 episodes and lasts roughly 100 minutes. You can find them on Stitcher, iTunes, Google and Spotify.

2. Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is a podcast that tells the stories of hackers, malware authors and other cybersecurity experts. The host, Jack Rhysider, interviews these experts to understand the motivations behind their actions and explore their work’s impact. You can listen to this cybersecurity podcast to learn about cybersecurity’s human side and gain insight into the minds of hackers and other cybercriminals.

Due to its investigative style, Darknet Diaries has gained a lot of praise and presently has more than 200,000 listeners. It has an average episode duration of 40-60 minutes and airs 1-2 episodes monthly.

3. CyberWire Daily

The CyberWire Daily is a weekday podcast that covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics, including vulnerabilities, exploits and the latest security news. Hosted by Paul Asadoorian, the show features interviews with cybersecurity experts and industry insiders. If you’re looking to dive deep into the technical details of cybersecurity, this cybersecurity podcast would be a great resource.

This podcast has a total of 1900 episodes and runs for 30 minutes. You can access them on Stitcher, iTunes and Spotify.

4. Malicious Life

If you enjoy history, Malicious Life by Cybereason details some of the most important but little-known cybercrime tales from around the globe. Ran Levi, the host, guides you through cybersecurity history via the narration of actual hackers, security professionals, journalists and lawmakers. Ran connects the early years of cybercrime and the recent stories of data hacks and breaches through interviews and studies.

Every Monday, Malicious Life broadcasts 30 to 40 minutes long episodes of podcasts and there are currently over 200. They are accessible on Stitcher, iTunes, Google and Spotify.

5. Risky Business

Risky business is a weekly podcast that covers the latest cybersecurity news, including data breaches, vulnerabilities and policy developments. The show is hosted by Patrick Gray and features interviews with cybersecurity experts and industry insiders. It’s an excellent resource for tech gurus who want to stay informed about the latest developments in cybersecurity.

Every Tuesday, Risky Business releases brand-new episodes, typically 60 minutes long. Currently, there are 20 parts. They are accessible on Stitcher, iTunes and Spotify.

Catch Up on the Best Cybersecurity Podcasts

Cybersecurity is critical in the tech industry and tech gurus must stay informed about the latest developments. Listening to cybersecurity podcasts is a great way to do this and there are many excellent options to choose from. Whether you’re interested in technical details or the human side of cybersecurity, there’s a podcast out there for you!