5 of the Best Mechanical Keyboard Accessories

March 21, 2023 • Shannon Flynn

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An increasingly popular item in the consumer electronics industry is the mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are fully customizable keyboards you can use for your Mac or PC. You can install aesthetically pleasing keycaps, choose which switches you want (linear, tactile or clicky) and create a unique setup for your computer.

Mechanical keyboards are useful for anyone with a computer, but particularly those who play PC games, code or type throughout the day. 

Whether you just purchased your first mechanical keyboard or are a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, it’s important to know which accessories will improve your setup. 

1. Keycap Puller

As mentioned before, you can customize your mechanical keyboard and choose what your keycaps look like. However, pulling off keys from the keyboard is challenging, as you don’t want to crack or snap them in half. Instead, consider buying a keycap puller

These handy accessories allow you to remove the keycaps from your keyboard with ease. The prongs at the end of the keycap puller go underneath each key, and with a bit of pulling, you can remove each keycap of your keyboard.

2. Switches

The switches on your mechanical keyboard are essential. There are three basic switches to choose from: linear (red), tactile (brown) and clicky (blue). Switches on your keyboard are essential accessories — they make the typing experience unique!

Each type provides a different feel and sound when you type, so it all depends on your personal preference. Companies in the mechanical keyboard space might use different colors or labels. Make sure you know what switches you’re buying before ordering.

3. Switch Puller

Like keycaps pullers, switch pullers are critical for anyone with a mechanical keyboard. If you want to change the types of switches on your keyboard, you’ll need a tool to carefully lift them. 

Switch pullers and keycap pullers are relatively inexpensive and easy to find online or at your local big box store. Fixed switches tend to sit on keyboards firmly, therefore requiring a decent switch puller. Instead of using your fingers or a different tool, use a switch puller, as it’s the best tool for the job.

4. Wrist Pad/Rest

If you work from home or play PC games often, you know it doesn’t take long for your fingers, wrists and hands to get sore. Hours spent using keyboards can cause wrist fatigue and impact your ability to type or play games properly.

Invest in a comfortable wrist pad to add to your mechanical keyboard setup. Many mechanical keyboard users prefer wooden wrist rests. You might think a hard surface is uncomfortable. Still, many users believe the wooden pads are sturdy enough to rest your wrists for long periods. 

5. Desk Mat

A good desk mat is the final type of accessory best for mechanical keyboards. You might be used to owning a mousepad, but a larger desk mat might be better for your setup. 

Remember that a desk mat will dampen some noise from your keyboard. If you enjoy the sound of key clicks, a slim desk mat without sound-dampening properties is your best bet. 

Add the Best Mechanical Keyboard Accessories to Your Setup

The accessory types above will undoubtedly transform your current mechanical keyboard setup. Each one has a specific use, whether it’s pulling switches or adding custom keycaps to your keyboard. Various stores like Best Buy and Micro Center sell most of these accessories. Always keep an eye out for affordable accessories to elevate your mechanical keyboard setup.