5 Best Cybersecurity Companies to Work For in 2019

June 21, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


Technology has been the hot-to-trot job market for some time now. But not all tech. companies are created equal. If you’re currently pounding pavement looking for new work, it helps to be targeted and have an idea of the type of company you want to work for. Many tech companies have expanded what employees expect in the modern age and these five are the best of the bunch. It’s always a good idea to aim high when looking for new work. So even if you’re not a perfect fit for what’s listed on the website, let a company know if you want to work there. Here are five cybersecurity companies we encourage you to model your job hunt after.


In the world of cybersecurity companies, your street cred is derived from how frequently you catch the bad guys. TrustWave has made a name by uncovering major attacks like the Spark point-of-sale malware, and is a respected name when it comes to conducting forensic investigations to determine the root cause of a breach.

Located in downtown Chicago, you’ll be at the center of the business world, with PTO for new employees, a competitive salary and additional outposts in the United Kingdom and Australia.


Another name you might recognize from their software, Avast is one of the leading AV solutions to come out of central Europe. The ties to a European mothership makes the company encouraging to work at for inquisitive minds, who say they enjoy excellent work/life balance and are supported in their efforts to try new things.

Like many of the companies in this segment, Avast allows certain positions to work from home, which is a highly desirable perk particularly for young parents and those who prefer to work on-the-go.


Like Avast, this central-European-based company is less well known in the US, but owns a significant chunk of the international AV market. Known for their investigation into malware attacks like the GreyEnergy group tied to Ukraine’s 2016 power grid attack, ESET has a US headquarters in sunny San Diego.

Employees enjoy such perks as an onsite gym and market, central location in the city’s trendy Little Italy district, an attractive 401k matching program, as well as work-from-home benefits. Those Europeans really know how to take care of their people!


Bringing what he learned at McAfee to bear in a new setting, FireEye CEO Dave Dewalt has established FireEye as one of the world’s leading network appliance companies. FireEye might be the place for you if you’re the adventure-seeking type.

A group of FireEye employees recently took to GoFundMe to raise funds for charity by skydiving! That’s a pretty cool corporate project. Along with the flight suite, you get a solid salary and many of the benefits competing tech companies offer.

Booze Allen Hamilton

Booze Allen has long been known for their success in the consulting workspace among cybersecurity companies, although that hasn’t always meant cybersecurity. This prestigious name is known for taking on the tough jobs, and rewarding employees well for their efforts.

It also makes a great statement on your CV or resume, you’ll get to work with the finest tools and potentially get a look into secretive operations like the US government’s cybersecurity efforts.

These five security vendors are a small selection of some of the industries best places to work, but they’re very different companies. It might help your job hunt to see what openings they have, what kind of packages and perks they offer and ask which sounds best to you.

You can use what you learn to understand what type of company you might accept an offer from, or you could even find a great new position at one of these exciting companies!