10 of the Best Money Making Apps

March 10, 2024 • Shannon Flynn


If you’re looking for financial freedom, small side gigs can add up to hundreds of extra dollars a month. The best money making apps allow you to have fun, add cash in your spare time and work your way toward being debt free and thriving. 

Money making apps run the gamut from side hustles such as delivering takeout orders or groceries to taking surveys and earning prizes. Finding the ones worth your time requires a bit of trial and error as you see what fits best with your life. Here are our favorite best money making apps. 

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an interesting rebate and survey app combined. It works to earn and save money at the same time. Various offers at specific stores for certain products give you back points, which can make an item pay for itself. Sometimes there is an offer for something you buy anyway and earning a few bucks back keeps dollars in your pocket. 

Swagbucks has been around since 2008. They state you can make up to $100 a day through a combination of offers, surveys, games and visiting websites. 

2. MyPoints

MyPoints is another of those multifaceted apps that give you options on ways to make money. You earn points based on your activity. For example, earn as much as 500 points per day watching videos and giving your feedback on them. Take surveys for up to 300 points per day. You can also play games and read emails/visit websites for a few extra points. 

The site has been around since 1996. Swap the points for gift cards and other prizes. 

3. Ibotta

What if you could earn money back for something you already buy? Ibotta is a rebate app for common household items and groceries. Earn cents to dollars back by shopping more strategically. 

The app also offers bonuses. Redeem a certain number of offers or buy a specific product type and get additional money back. The savings can add up. If you aren’t already couponing, this is an easy way to earn a few bucks you’d otherwise miss out on. 

4. Sweatcoin

Was your New Year’s resolution to get more exercise? Does your day job require a lot of walking anyway? Could you jog to and from work? With Sweatcoin, get paid for steps you already take or would like to take. 

How does it work? The app converts your steps into Sweatcoins, which are a form of cryptocurrency. You can then use your Sweatcoins for gift cards or rewards. 

5. Branded Surveys

Although this is a site and not an app, you can earn around $140 per month taking two or three fast surveys a day in your spare time. We felt it was worth including. 

Signing up is easy. The site states they pay between 50 cents and $5.00 per survey. Longer questionnaires tend to pay a bit more.

Cash in with gift cards or PayPal payouts. 

6. Foap

Does your phone’s camera take excellent photos? Are you a budding professional photographer? Foap lets people upload their snapshots and sell them on a stock photo site. You’ll receive a commission every time a brand uses one of your photos. 

You can set your own prices. The app pays you via your PayPal account. One unique aspect of the app is that you can become a brand ambassador. You’ll learn what companies want and provide them with ongoing content related to their business. 

7. TaskRabbit

Are you handy with power tools? People list things they need done and people can pick up side jobs. You’ll find projects such as painting, assembling furniture, cleaning and home repairs. 

The website states you keep 100% of what you earn via the platform. Rates vary by area and task. Select only the ones that fit within what you want to make. One example is a $28 rate for running errands near Louisville, Kentucky. Another is $42 per hour for branch and hedge trimming in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

8. InboxDollars

You’ll get a $5 bonus for joining this app. Get rewards for taking surveys, shopping and playing games. Play games such as Monkey Bubble Shooter and get cachback. The site states you can make up to $50 per month playing games for 10 minutes or so a day. If you like to unwind playing games, why not do so through this site?

Their online surveys pay between 50 cents and $5.00 and take between three and 25 minutes to finish. There are a few specific surveys that pay a bit more. 

You can also get free samples and earn cash back for shopping online. 

9. Fiverr

Are you the creative type? Earn money on the go with Fiverr. You can offer tasks such as writing, graphic design, marketing and illustration. 

The platform lets you offer any creative service as long as it’s legal and falls within Fiverr’s terms of service. You’ll pay a fee but keep 80% of transactions. They offer advice on how to price your services, write a catchy description and gain customers. 

10. Shopkick

This shopping rebate app lets you earn money without spending a dime. When you walk in a store, you may need to locate a particular product or scan a barcode to earn points. 

You can also add to your points with the items you purchase, but you do not have to spend anything to earn points.

It does take some time for the savings to add up, but once you have a certain number of points, you can exchange them for gift cards. 

You can also link your debit or credit card to automatically track points. Refer friends for bonus kicks. 

Be Open to New Apps

There are dozens upon dozens of options for earning money via apps. Whether you want to pick up side jobs or earn money from surveys and playing games, there are a few options for each category. 

Combining different options may even result in a full-time income you can do from anywhere you are without a boss hovering over your shoulder. The best apps may be the ones that run in the background, earning you points for the things you do anyway.