6 Apps That Give You Money

March 17, 2023 • Devin Partida


Who doesn’t want a little extra cash without really trying? Lucky for everyone, getting extra cents is as easy as downloading an app to your phone.

There are plenty of apps like DoorDash, Facebook Marketplace, or Poshmark where you can get a side hustle or sell unwanted clutter. But, not everyone has the time to throw an online garage sale. Today, we’re focusing on some of the lowest-effort apps so you can reap the benefits without interrupting your routines. Here are some apps that give you money.

1. Rakuten

One of the notable features of cashback apps is rewarding you for the shopping you’re already doing. Need new shoes? Get cash back. Buying holiday gifts? Get cash back.

Rakuten does this for you by giving you a percentage of what you spend back if the online store is a partner. You can get maximum rewards if you decide to shop for something, like phones, and search their directory for shops that sell phones. Strategize your purchase for the best reward.

As of 2022, Rakuten has paid out over $2.2 billion in “Big Fat Checks” to PayPal and even paper checks. Get a sign-on bonus and referral rewards on top of your payouts. As the old business adage says, you must spend money to make money.

Get the app for iPhone or Android, and don’t forget to add the browser extension for an extra boost.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is a different cashback app because it doesn’t just work online – you can also get in-store rewards. All you have to do is scan receipts. Depending on the products currently promoted, it’s easy to rack up fifty cents to a couple of dollars here and there. Once you hit $20, you can transfer the funds.

Remember, retailers and brands pay Ibotta to be featured in their app. The key is not to be convinced to buy a more expensive product just because they’re featured. The best app to put money in your pocket is searching Google to do a price check!

Though PayPal payouts are an option like most, Ibotta also offers direct deposit.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Have you ever tried a survey site, spent hours on it, and realized you made only a couple of dollars per hour? Nobody likes that feeling, and Google Opinion Rewards found a happy medium in paying survey-takers for their time.

Google will send you surveys, the frequency depending on demographics and location, on average once per week. The rewards are small, but the surveys generally take less than a minute to fill out with only a few questions. Every second adds up.

When you hit the cashout minimum, you won’t even realize you’ve earned a couple of extra bucks for mainly doing nothing.

4. Acorns

Acorns gives you money in a potentially unconventional way. Even after cashing in on the signup bonus, Acorns helps track your finances and investments. How does that give you money? It looks at your spending and provides insight on how to save and where to cut excessive spending.

Primarily, Acorns helps budding investors. You can achieve goals like buying a house or going part-time because you started investing early.

This is the ultimate way to have an app give you money, earning you higher returns than a savings account. With customer service to help guide your way, it’s easy to start low-risk investing.

5. Sweatcoin

How about you make money every time you take a step? Sweatcoin converts your steps taken into Sweatcoins, a cryptocurrency you can use in the app.

You can use Sweatcoins to shop their rotating shelf of rewards, such as coupon codes for wireless earbuds or eBay gift cards.

You can also use the Sweatcoins to support charitable causes like providing communities with safe drinking water or getting kids around the world back in school. When walking is something we do without thinking about it, why not add this to your app roster?

6. Foap

Cellphone cameras are becoming more intense competitors to traditional cameras by the day. The landscape photos from your hiking trip or portraits of your cat are probably magazine-worthy. So, why not sell them?

Foap allows you to place expert phone photos on a marketplace. Brands and individuals globally can access the stock, so getting more money in your PayPal account is as easy as hitting the submit button. You even set your price, and much like an Etsy shop, you receive a percentage of sales.

They even offer specific missions – try to impress big brands like Pepsi for extra bragging rights.

Make Your Phone Work for You With Apps That Give You Money

These are some of the best apps that give you money. If you’re looking for more ways to rake in cash, play some games or sign up for any side hustle site like Fiverr. Technology has provided us with countless ways to shop our skills around and reach financial betterment.

Apps are meant to improve and optimize our lives, not feel like a chore. These apps will complement your lifestyle or provide minimal-fuss ways to invest your time and get rewarded.