Do Twitch Mods Get Paid? Specifics of the Job

March 17, 2023 • Zachary Amos


If you’ve been watching Twitch for a while and have a favorite streamer looking for mods, you may think about signing up for the job. It would be a fantastic opportunity to work with an entertainer you love. But a vital question to ask before you join them is, “Do Twitch mods get paid?”

Those looking to learn about what mods do and how much they make need not look further. Here are the answers to your questions.

What Twitch Mods Do

Mods — their more official title is “moderator” — are the ones making sure the stream’s chat doesn’t get too rowdy. They’re responsible for removing spam and blocking any users who are posting offensive content. Streamers use the chat to interact with their subscribers, so getting rid of spammy messages is essential.

They also often have standards for what kind of language they’ll allow in their chat. For example, people who are instigating a fight may both get banned to keep the discussion safe for everybody. The streamer will likely want to get rid of anyone who is posting hate speech to protect their subscribers and keep up with Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Smaller streamers could to do this job themselves, but bigger channels will need mods as their subscriber count grows. Therefore, they’ll often reach out to people they see being kind and helping out others in the chat to be part of their moderation team.

Do Twitch Mods Get Paid?

So, finally, do Twitch mods get paid? Unfortunately, no — there is no required wage for Twitch moderators. It’s a volunteer position, so most people do it because they want to assist the channel they love. Additionally, smaller streamers don’t make much money at all and it would be pretty hard for them to gain an income and pay their mods.

However, there isn’t a rule saying streamers aren’t allowed to give their mods money. In fact, some are willing to pay their moderators a salary almost equalling minimum wage for big events. Streamer Ludwig paid his team of 17 mods $167,000 for their work during his 31-day subathon. So getting paid by big channels isn’t unheard of, but you probably won’t find someone willing to give you that much for a while.

Realistically, you might never find someone who can pay you at all. Remember — modding is more of a volunteer position than a paid job. While you are being a massive help to your favorite streamer, they’re likely not making much themselves. So finding a paid moderator gig probably won’t happen the first time you join a channel — or potentially ever.

Being a Twitch Mod Helps Your Favorite Streamers

Some people view modding as a hobby alongside a job they do for regular income. Others see it as a favor they do for their favorite entertainers that helps their channel perform better than it would without them. But if you’re asking, “Do Twitch mods get paid?”, the answer is going to be no much more often than it will be yes.