Is Mint Mobile Good? Here’s What to Know

May 7, 2024 • Shannon Flynn


If you’re looking for phone coverage from a different provider, you’ve more than likely come across Mint Mobile. It’s a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers budget-friendly plans among the main selling points. But is Mint Mobile good? Will it meet your needs? 

Does Mint Mobile Have Good Coverage?

One of the first things people want to know before signing up for a new cell phone plan is whether the provider offers solid coverage where they live or in the locations they travel to frequently. 

Since Mint Mobile is a MVNO, the company does not own the cellular infrastructure it uses. Mint relies on T-Mobile’s network, so if you currently use T-Mobile’s services, you shouldn’t notice major differences. 

Is Mint Mobile good for people who want to connect to the 5G network? Yes, because it offers 5G coverage anywhere T-Mobile does, as long as you have a 5G-compatible device. When you’re in areas of the country with no 5G coverage, you’ll get 4G LTE coverage on your phone. Mint Mobile says 99% of Americans can access its 4G LTE network. 

One thing to note about MVNOs, though, is that you may notice slight reductions in service during peak usage times. That’s because the companies that own the mobile infrastructure —T-Mobile, in this case — prioritize their customers over those signed up to plans from MVNOs. However, you can expect such instances to become obvious only occasionally, so don’t let them discourage you from signing up with Mint Mobile.

Google Fi is another MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s network. However, that provider also relies on UScellular’s network to further reduce any performance issues due to network congestion. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The low-cost plans are among the main reasons why many people decide to give Mint Mobile a try. All plans for new customers last for three months, and they provide the lowest-possible rates. 

As of February 2024, those plans for individuals ranged from $15 to $30 per month, depending on how much data you want. Then, after the three months, you need to sign up for another plan, which could affect how much you pay per month. However, you can lock in the original three-month rate by signing up for a year-long plan after the initial three months. 

The main thing to know is that Mint Mobile sells its coverage in blocks of three, six or 12 months. You’ll save more by opting for a year’s worth of the service than only keeping it for three or six months. 

The company also offers family plans that allow people to specify how many lines they need and what plan they want on each one. You can have from two to five lines to take advantage of Mint’s family plan prices. 

Is Mint Mobile good for every budget? The answer is too broad since people pay so many different amounts for their mobile phone coverage. However, a smart starting point to see how the company’s offerings would fit your budget is to calculate how much you spend per month on phone services. 

Then, if Mint Mobile’s plans are significantly cheaper, commit to signing up for the three-month introductory plan to see how things go. After trying the service for three months, you can make a decision about whether to continue.

What Comes With My Plan?

All Mint Mobile plans come with unlimited calls and texts within the United States. You can also make calls to Mexico and Canada for no charge. 

If you like using the mobile hotspot feature on your phone to allow other devices to use the mobile data, Mint has you covered. All plans have mobile hotspot compatibility for up to 15 devices although you can only use a maximum of 10 GB per month through the mobile hotspot on Mint’s unlimited data plan. 

Your Mint Mobile plan also comes with Wi-Fi calling, which helps you continue communicating with people despite being in areas with poor cellular coverage. Finally, signing up for Mint Mobile gives you a free 3-in-1 sim card, which means it’ll fit your phone regardless of the type of slot it has. Alternatively, if your phone works with e-sims, you can get connected to the Mint Mobile network that way. 

Does My Plan Allow International Calling and Roaming?

Today’s world is increasingly global. So, it’s not surprising that you wonder if Mint Mobile is good for allowing you to place calls to other countries or use your phone while traveling abroad without breaking the bank. 

Should I Use Mint Mobile for International Calls and Texts?

The company has country-specific rates for calls and text messages. You can call more than 160 countries. Plus, Mint Mobile allows sending free text messages to more than 190 countries. 

The rates in some places can vary significantly depending on if you call someone’s landline or cell phone. You’ll get the best results by checking the current rates on Mint Mobile’s website. 

Are There Options for Travelers?

Is Mint Mobile good if you’re a frequent globetrotter? The answer depends on your destination and trip length. The first thing to know is that Mint Mobile offers Minternational Passes for people who want to keep the same phone plan when traveling abroad. However, Minternational Passes only work in some countries. Start by seeing if Mint Mobile offers a Minternational Pass for your destination. 

Each pass offers you a specific amount of data, along with call and text privileges. However, the main downside for many international travelers is that you can only buy a pass for one, three or seven days. Although Mint allows you to purchase more passes to extend your initial one, that could get a bit pricey if you’ll be spending a lot of time abroad. 

Consider that a seven-day Minternational Pass for traveling to Ireland costs $40. It comes with 500 calling minutes and 500 text messages, plus unlimited data — with 10 GB of it offered at high-speed.  However, many companies specializing in international sim cards for traveling offer much more competitive rates because whatever you pay is a fee to cover the whole month. 

However, going with another provider could also be less straightforward as well as less expensive. That’s because of the significant variations in what you get when purchasing an international sim card. Some do not come with calling minutes or text messages and don’t provide you with a foreign-compatible phone number. Then, you must handle all calls and messaging through WhatsApp or a similar app. 

Is Moving to Mint Mobile a Good Move? 

Now that you’ve read this Mint Mobile overview, it’ll be much easier to make an informed choice about whether to try the provider. No matter what you conclude about the experience, there’s no reason to feel worried you’ve made both a bad and long-term decision. Mint Mobile doesn’t operate on a contract basis, so even if you decide Mint Mobile is not the best fit, there’s no need to stick with the company for more than the three-month introductory period.