How to Get Your Life in Order After Being Fired

November 27, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


Being fired is a crushing experience unless you really hate your profession. Even then, it’s not easy to suddenly go without an income. It might feel like life falls apart when you lose your job. Although you probably feel shaken up and unmotivated, you have to learn how to get your life in order to move on.

When you first got the news that your boss wanted to meet with you one-on-one, maybe you thought about a project you were working on. The meeting could have been about an upcoming work event or the raise you expected to get in the next few months. You might have been blindsided when they said you were fired.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can get back together. Read on to learn how to get your life in order after being fired. With a little time, patience and effort, you’ll be scheduling interviews and well on your way to your next career move.

1. Give Yourself Time

First things first. Give yourself time to process the change of events and carry the weight of your emotions. Take some time for yourself to relax with your favorite cookies and a movie. Go on private walks in the morning. Start exercising at the gym every day. Treat yourself to time to heal and you’ll bounce back faster than if you pretended your feelings weren’t there.

2. Reevaluate Your Priorities

When you feel strong enough, reevaluate your career priorities by writing a few things down. Why did you take your last job and what did you do that was meaningful? What do you want from your next job?

Think about what you want from your career. Where do you want to go? what do you want to accomplish? Listing your priorities will show you if you need to look for something different or continue on the career path you’ve been on.

3. Ask for Help

It’s embarrassing to tell people you lost your job. Even if the company had to cut people and there wasn’t anything you could have done, it isn’t easy to say you’re without a job.

Even if it’s painful, ask for help. Your friends and family members want to know how they can help you because they love you. They’ll talk with any connections they might have in your industry and hook you up with positions you might not have found otherwise.

Another way to ask for help is to attend a networking event where you meet with people who want to hire new employees. Instead of doing everything on your own from home, you meet them in the middle at the event and make a better first impression.

4. Make Peace With Life

Maybe after you got fired, you felt bitter. It’s hard to accept the end of your job when you’ve only ever given your best and gone above what your boss expected of you. As you get your life back in order, you need to let the negativity go by forgiving your old boss and yourself. Ten years from now, your current situation won’t matter because you’ll go onto bigger and better things.

5. Develop a Routine

Vacations are nice because you can go days without a plan or a routine. When that happens while you’re between jobs, it’s easy to form a vacation mindset and get lazy, but don’t fall into this trap. Think about what your goals are to develop a healthy routine that includes things like applying for jobs, following up with those places and actively looking for new opportunities.

6. Plan Ahead Through Budgeting

Budgeting is essential for everyday life, especially when you no longer have an income. Figure out what your bills will cost you for the next few months and determine how much you have in savings. After some quick math, you’ll know when you’ll run out of funds and potentially need to pick up a part-time job or two.

If you can’t figure out how to adjust your spending habits, read about how other people cut their spending by $1,000 each month while they searched for jobs. A little inspiration will help you make smarter financial decisions.

You Will Discover How Get Your Life in Order

After you get fired, some days are easier than others. Celebrate the good days and practice daily kindness when times are tough. You’ll get through this period of unemployment and discover career opportunities that will help you grow in new ways.