The Best News Apps for Android

June 4, 2021 • Zachary Amos


Are you looking for the best news apps for Android?

Keeping up with the news can be a real challenge — especially if you’re interested in certain fields or topics that may get left out of mainstream news feeds. Fortunately, there is a massive variety of apps available that can help you stay updated. 

Here are some of the best news apps for Android users — no matter how you want to receive your news.

Build Your Own News Feed: Feedly, Flipboard

With apps like Feedly and Flipboard, you can assemble your own news feed. To get started, you add any number of sources you trust to your feed.

Your feed will then be populated with articles and updates from these sources — allowing you to build your own custom news feed based on the outlets you trust and the news you’re most interested in.

Over time, you can also use both apps’ discoverability features to find new sources to add to your feed.

These apps are best for people who have specific topics they want to keep track of — like certain regions, industries, types of media or scientific fields.

They’re not perfect for everyone, however. You will need to set up your feed before you start receiving updates. If you want news from just a specific source — or don’t want to choose sources yourself — a different app may be a better choice.

Go Straight to the Source: AP News, BBC

Most major news companies maintain their own apps. Whether you like to follow news from the BBC, AP News or another major source, there’s likely an app that you can use to get the latest updates.

These apps are a great digital alternative for people who like to get their news from TV or a newspaper. You’ll get all of the latest news without needing to customize or tweak your feed. You’ll also have the opportunity to set up push notifications and similar alerts that notify you when something big happens.

However, you may miss out on specific news and regional events. You probably also won’t have a lot of control over what kind of news you see. This may not be a major issue if you’re just looking to have a general-purpose news feed on your phone. If you want to adapt your news app to your personal tastes, however, you might find these proprietary news apps to be a little limiting. 

Adaptable and Easy-to-Use News Aggregators: Google News

You may not want to depend on just one news source, however, or totally build up your news feed from scratch.

News aggregation apps like Google News provide a middle ground between single-source news apps and aggregators like Feedly. These apps aggregate articles from major news companies and papers — like AP News, CNBC and the Washington Post — providing you with a feed of the latest news from major, trustworthy outlets.

These apps also allow you to adjust your feed and tweak it to your personal interests. Want to follow industry news or keep track of events in a certain part of the world? Both Google and Apple News make it easy to change what kind of news you see without needing to fully rebuild your feed.

For example, with Google News, you can follow or unfollow specific topics, locations or publications. You can also like certain stories. Over time, Google’s news aggregation algorithm will use this information to adjust what kind of news it shows you allowing you to tailor your feed to meet your personal needs and interests.

Stay in the Loop With These Android News Apps

These apps are some of the best available if you want to use your Android device to keep up with these news. Whether you want to follow a single source or curate a custom news feed from scratch, there’s an app for you.