7 Working From Home Motivation Tips

July 5, 2019 • Rehack Team


Do you need working from home motivation tips?

When you work from home, you get to live in pajamas, not comb your hair until noon and spend pleasant evenings writing on the beach right? Not precisely. While remote work does come with a plethora of advantages, having someone hovering over you to keep you on task isn’t one of them.

How can you keep yourself motivated as a remote employee? It’s easier than you think. By following the working-from-home motivation tips below, you can skyrocket your productivity and end each day feeling accomplished.

1. Wake Yourself Up in the Morning

Maintaining solid sleep hygiene is key to productivity and motivation, so even if you lack a set schedule, strive to rise and fall asleep at the same times daily.

If you’re a heavy sleeper, you may wish to invest in an alarm clock specifically designed to get you up and moving. It’s too easy as a home worker to fall into the bad habit of sleeping in then working late.

2. Set a Daily and Weekly Schedule

How can you get to work in the morning if you don’t know what you need to accomplish? Each Sunday evening, write down a list of all the things you hope to complete the coming week.

Before leaving work in the evening, write down your schedule for the next day. This way, you can jump right into your work the next morning.

3. Eliminate Distractions During Work Time

If possible, leave your cell phone elsewhere in your home when you go into your office. If you must take it, turn off social media and email notifications during certain hours.

Not only does unplugging allow you to focus on the task at hand, it also serves as a mental reminder if you wouldn’t keep your cellphone on your work desk in the office, you shouldn’t have it out at home, either.

4. Create a Family Office Policy

Little ones are so focused on their needs, they often interrupt the most productivity-minded parents who work remotely. The best working from home motivation tip which simultaneously eases family tension is to sit down with the kiddos to discuss your office policy.

You may decide a closed door means to interrupt only in genuine emergencies (like someone bleeding). Establish consequences for breaking the rules in advance to reduce future hurt feelings and arguments.

5. Schedule Breaks and Routine Maintenance Tasks

Most freelancers are independent contractors meaning they need to provide their own equipment and pay their own taxes.

Schedule time to perform routine maintenance like updating your computer and filing your quarterlies, so these tasks do not end up on the back burner where they destroy your mental energy.

6. Keep Yourself Healthy

Performing at your productive best proves impossible when you neglect your health. As a remote worker, this is surprisingly easy to do. Often we begin with good intentions, like wishing to eat well and take exercise, but later let work lead us into bad habits.

Do meal prep on weekends so whipping together healthy meals takes minutes during the work week. When making your daily schedule, include breaks to get up and stretch or move regularly. And unless you work a night shift, pass on burning the midnight oil unless you’re under a tight deadline.

7. Allow Yourself Time to Rest

You can’t perform at peak 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It’s incredibly important that you take time to rest and get 8 hours of sleep a night. Yes, it’s tempting when your office is steps away, but keep your weekends or days off work-free. Yes, remote workers can get burned out, too, even if they don’t battle traffic daily.

Stay on Top of Your Game With These Working From Home Motivation Tips

Working remotely can give you more time back in your day and allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating commutes. By following the above working from home motivation tips, you can keep your energy going strong and do your best work from wherever you happen to be.