Self-Improvement Resources You Should Bookmark Right Now

September 3, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Self-improvement is a worthy cause. It allows you to look within yourself, acknowledge what needs development and refine those areas. You may not know how to start, however, especially when you’re busy with a million other daily tasks. Luckily, the Internet offers countless self-improvement resources, many of which are free.

Whether you enjoy lengthy guides or bite-sized videos, something suitable exists. Check out some resources below that’ll inspire a productive attitude and joyful spirit.


If you want a detailed walkthrough, online courses are some of the best methods. You’ll get information that thoroughly explains self-improvement and related concepts, and you progress at your desired pace. No need to worry about deadlines or start dates. Here are some online courses to dig into.

  • Alison: Alison offers a range of personal development classes, including topics like psychology, time management and Zen teachings.
  • The Science of Well-Being: This course teaches you how to increase your happiness while building a productive workflow. Learning how to knock out more work is a valuable skill, but you have to make room for joy and contentment, too.
  • Cultivate Self-Love: People preach self-love all the time, but how do you achieve it? This course shows you how with reflection and affirmation exercises.
  • The Psychology of Personal Growth: Explore the intricacies of personality and emotion and how these factors influence each other. You’ll discover more about yourself by examining how these characteristics impact your life.


Online guides get in-depth about ways to improve yourself. If you prefer to settle down and read rather than watch videos back-to-back, this self-improvement resource will fit for you.

Take notes on helpful tips, and bookmark pages for later use. Don’t worry about being ambushed with word walls — many guides offer fun, engaging graphics. Look below for some to start with.

  • The Productivity Guide: This guide provides time-management strategies for tackling your workload and giving yourself space to decompress. And if that isn’t enough, you can hop over to any of the numerous articles listed at the end for further exploration.
  • The Guide to Productivity That Will Change Your Life: This guide shows you how to become more productive by employing time management techniques like to-do lists and regular routines. All the resources for self-improvement are already in your hands.

Apps and Tools

People love apps. They’re convenient self-improvement resources, and many of them are free. They don’t require much effort to use, yet they assist with almost anything you can think of.

Browser tools provide the same benefits as apps, and they appeal to desktop users who aren’t app junkies. Dive in and see what these technological tools have to offer.

  • Marinara Timer: This timer lets you adopt the Pomodoro technique for accomplishing work in reasonable chunks. Alternatively, you can set custom times and establish an efficient workflow.
  • Evernote: If you prefer taking digital notes, this is the tool for you. Create notes from scratch, or use one of the numerous templates they have handy.
  • Feedly: Save your favorite articles for later reading and search for new blogs to follow. Avoid distractedly jumping from tab to tab by keeping all your news in one place.
  • Productivity Owl: This clever and cute browser tool features an owl who swoops across your screen and closes your tabs whenever you get off task. Use this tool to block unproductive sites and allow work-related pages.
  • Todoist: Create straightforward to-do lists with this organizational app. You can prioritize tasks by importance to avoid forgetting urgent tasks — they’ll be right on top of your list.


Who doesn’t like a good e-book every so often? Their accessibility makes them an excellent resource, as you can download them on any of your devices. Sometimes, you may need a confidence boost after a stressful meeting at work or a day of procrastination. Read a few pages of your favorite e-book and remember why it’s essential to value yourself and your time. Check out these reads below.

  • The Free Productivity Guide: This e-book features a collection of articles from various Azendoo writers on how to productively start and end your day.
  • One Lifehack and Inbox Zero: Check out these two e-books from Asian Efficiency to begin decluttering and organizing your life.
  • The Guide to Goal Setting: The Guide to Goal Setting encourages you to find purpose within your life and set manageable goals. Tasks are easier to handle when you have control.
  • All About Habits: This e-book from Mark Manson examines the psychological complexities of breaking bad habits and creating new ones.
  • 7 Must-Know Strategies: Improve your learning and concentration skills by checking out this e-book of seven helpful techniques.

Create an Improved You

Get a feel for which self-improvement resources suit you best, and begin your journey to a more relaxed and productive life. Your mind and body will thank you for taking the opportunity.