Do Goal Setting Apps Really Work?

August 30, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Goal setting apps are the fad of the future. Technology assists us in more ways than we can count, so why not implement it in breaking habits or setting goals?

You may find yourself falling into the routine of making plans and then not carrying them out — this happens to all of us. Family and friends can hold you accountable, but if they don’t have time to help you out, you may consider using an app instead.

Goal setting apps have given me the encouragement I needed to take those few extra steps and finish a daily walk on more than one occasion. Being able to see my progress increase right in the palm of my hand is a true energy booster.

My objectives become more tangible, and I feel like I can take on the world. As it turns out, other people feel the same way, whether it comes to work, school or personal life.

Declaring clear intentions encourages students to take control of their education and tackle greater challenges than they usually would. When you’re starting college, this boldness is especially useful for finishing assignments and staying focused. It’s essential to have a fulfilling social life in school, and you should form a plan for how to do this while managing coursework.

The benefits don’t end there, though. You may have health and fitness goals you want to strive for. Remember that no two bodies are the same — creating an individualized routine proves more effective than copying others and hoping for the best.

Apps can help you along in your fitness journey by recording food intake and exercise rates, which lessens your chances of encountering slumps. If a particular routine isn’t working for you, your app can pick up on this and suggest better options.

Fitness apps allow for self-monitoring, which researchers have found assists in maintaining weight loss. Of course, this also depends on your level of commitment, but as long as you have adequate motivation, you’ll power through. If you’re thrilled by the concept, read on for a few goal-setting apps you can check out and start using today.


Habitica is the goal-setting app for you if you love roleplaying games. Create an avatar and knock out daily tasks with a fun spin by battling monsters and completing quests.

This app offers rewards such as gold, weaponry and skills when you complete goals, and you can reach various levels to increase your motivational edge. Habitica also has a lively community of users, so you’re not alone in goal management — fight battles with your peers and receive support.

Way of Life

This app suits those who are always on the move and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to extensive goal programs. Type in a habit you’re trying to break or establish, and Way of Life will send you daily reminders asking if you’ve completed your goal.

All you have to do is give a yes or no answer — simple and sweet. You can use the app’s diary function to record your progress and make observations about your performance.


If you swear by task chunking, then Strides is likely to be your match. This app allows you to break big projects into small steps to avoid being overwhelmed by a full plate — perfect for long-term professional goals. You can choose between four tracking types or set timelines up to a year.

If you’re totally green when it comes to goal setting apps and don’t know where to start, Strides will give you suggestions on objectives you may want to try, like meditating or budgeting.


HabitBull offers the customization of tracking goals on certain days. For example, if you plan to hit the gym every other day, you can plug this information into the app and have a reminder come up for those specific days.

Track your gym activity through the app’s numerous charts, or make your own graphs by exporting your data. You don’t have to sweat over losing your information, either — everything gets stored in the Cloud. allows you to build good habits by viewing your progress on weekly and monthly charts. The app provides extra incentive to stay on track by celebrating milestones and providing rewards.

You can download it for free, but you have the added benefit of hiring a habit coach for a fee of $20. Get a personalized experience with your own life coach, or chat with other users within the community for some enlightening advice.

Create Plans You Can Achieve

Your plans can be as small as walking your dog every day or as big as owning a law firm. Whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them more effectively by mapping them out and sticking to them each day.