Best New Releases on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon in December 2018

November 29, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


When you’re finished attending holiday parties, shopping for gifts and spending time with loved ones this December, you deserve some downtime. Fortunately, the top streaming services will help you stay relaxed but occupied. Here are some of the best new releases on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to enjoy as the year comes to an end.


Netflix users should be sure to check out these two new titles.

1. “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”

Among the best new releases on Netflix is this film that arrives on December 10. It’s a documentary that profiles the pop icon as he prepared for a world tour just before his untimely death. If you want to be reminded why Jackson was so influential to generations of fans and the music industry at large, this flick should highlight his charisma and talent.

Aside from regularly updating its content library so people can enjoy the best new releases on Netflix, the company often experiments with new features. For example, in a recent hackathon, someone came up with a way to navigate Netflix using eye movements. Although that development isn’t ready for prime time, stay tuned and remember that Netflix will do what’s necessary to remain competitive.

2. “Fuller House”: Season 4

This latest season of the reboot of the “Full House” series is sure to please fans of the original version, and you can start binge-watching all the episodes on December 14. The fourth season reportedly focuses on DJ and Steve and their relationship. Netflix’s trailer also features other tidbits, such as John Stamos with a guitar and Kimmy floss dancing while pregnant.

There’s so much to look forward to in these options that you might want to brush up on Netflix mobile device hacks to watch the series wherever you go.


If you’re on Hulu, here are our picks for the TV show and movie you should binge this winter.

1. “Killing Eve”: Season 1

It’s understandable if you occasionally look for alternatives to Hulu, perhaps due to not being satisfied with the selection or the price you pay per month. But, if you cancel your Hulu subscription, you won’t get to see “Killing Eve,” a BBC America assassin series starring Sandra Oh. It’s gotten rave reviews, and people can start experiencing it for themselves once Hulu releases the first season on December 1.

2. “The Shawshank Redemption”

Consider this 1994 drama about a prison friendship as a film that firmly belongs in the “oldie but goodie” category. It takes place over nearly two decades and profiles the life of Andy, a man serving time for two murders he didn’t commit. While reviewing the film, people bring up how it stirs up emotions inside them and even makes them feel scared — but in a good way.

If you’re looking for a break from the overly lighthearted Christmas movies that are so popular this time of year, look no further than this classic that still resonates today. It’s also available on December 1.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members will love these two new binge-worthy options coming out this December.

1. “Hereditary”

Considered by many movie buffs as one of the most terrifying movies of recent years, this horror flick profiles a family who struggles to process the death of a family member, and relatives gradually unravel secrets about their ancestry. The film emphasizes being psychologically disturbing rather than full of the blood and gore many films in the genre use to incite terror.

You’ll have to wait until December 27 to dive into this movie, but if you like films that draw you in and leave you feeling unsettled, put this one on your list and get engrossed in it while enjoying leftovers from your holiday meal.

2. “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”: Season 2

This Emmy-winning Amazon Original is a series about a Jewish housewife from the 1950s who realizes she has a talent for stand-up comedy after her husband gives it a try. Amazon will release the second season on December 5, giving you something entertaining to watch between all your holiday obligations.

In the first season, the lead character gets a manager and sharpens her craft. In the next installment, she’ll keep her comedy career as a focus but also deal with topics that are relatable to everyone. For example, she’ll deal with the aftermath of a past relationship and weather the storm brought about by her roast of another comic, played by Jane Lynch.

Plenty of Streaming Diversions

Maybe you use one of these services, or perhaps you split time between all three to enjoy the broadest assortment of offerings. Or, if you’re thinking about putting a Netflix or Hulu subscription on your wish list, the preview of what’s to come here could give you the encouragement you need to follow through with adding it as a must-have item. In any case, these new releases cater to people with various tastes.